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    16 Practical Products For The Trekking-Enthusiast In You

    I believe it's time for a new adventure!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A travel backpack (46 litres capacity) - ₹1,202

    Pack all your travel/trek/hike needs in this trendy and lightweight backpack which has two compartments, two pockets, and bottle pouches. It's extremely comfortable to carry because of the hip belt, chest strap and double compression strap.

    2. Or this amazing rucksack (55 litres capacity) - ₹799

    This bag has everything you could possibly need - a mat holder, shoe compartment, bottle/umbrella pouches, attached rain cover, and two zipper compartments! It is spacious and the straps contain extra mesh, which shall make your journey all the more breezy.

    3. A portable water filter and bottle - ₹1,498

    This water purifying straw is a legit (and literal) lifesaver! Use it to filter and safely consume water from waterbodies like streams, rivers, lakes. Simply scoop up water in the bottle and drink it with this impressive straw, without a worry in the world.

    4. Flameless Food Heaters (Pack of five) - ₹400

    These are a frickin' Godsend - whenever you insert food and water in the pouch, the exothermic chemicals in the layers get activated and heat up your food, just like that! No flame, no heaters, nothing. It supports ready-to-eat, frozen, and dehydrated food.

    5. A 3-in-1 eating device - ₹349

    Compact and handy, this set contains a knife, spoon, and fork.

    6. Pouches for storing your shoes (Pack of six) - ₹225

    Use these organisers to conveniently store extra pairs of shoes, sandals or slippers when you travel!

    7. Waterproof Shoe Covers - ₹638 to ₹657

    Made from elastic waterproof fibre, these covers are perfect for hiking in rivers, streams, rain, snow.

    8. Trekking Pole - ₹1,299

    The pole is shock-absorbent, stable, and extends up to 135 cm (adjustable height). Great for all terrains.

    9. Sleeping Bag (6'4") - ₹1,399

    This sleeping bag is ultra-comfy and relaxing! Also, it has inconspicuous pockets for your phone and wallet, and can be folded up in the provided bag.

    10. LED Gloves - ₹325

    Forget about carrying a flashlight in your hands! These gloves come equipped with LED lights, and are amazingly useful when your hands are busy or eh, you just don't wanna carry anything.

    11. A solar-powered lantern - ₹1,299

    Carry this solar-powered lantern along for emergencies, camping or outdoor activities! The solar panels are powerful enough to charge the lantern even when it's cloudy. Plus, it's waterproof and portable.

    12. A capsule to hold your toiletries - ₹1,299

    This functional holder houses a toothbrush, folding comb, hand towel, and two canister pumps for storing liquid soap/sanitiser/shower gel. It also has enough space to fit in a toothpaste tube. NEAT, amirite?

    13. Cotton Coin Towels (100-pieces) - ₹299

    Unfold these little cotton coins into hand towels using just water! Easy to carry and biodegradable, what a combo.

    14. A solar charging power bank (20,000 mAh) - ₹1,445

    Designed to be travel-friendly, this power bank is chargeable by solar power and has an amazing 20,000 mAh capacity. What are you waiting for?

    15. Get this ultra-portable and rugged Bluetooth speaker from JBL - ₹2,899

    This speaker truly is GOLD. It's waterproof, easy-to-carry, has powerful bass, and can be clipped on to your clothes/luggage. Also, you can make calls from it. And, battery life = 10 hours.

    16. And this travel organiser - ₹699

    Store your cables, cords, USB drives, cell phones, chargers, and all the other electronic accessories you own in this supremely efficient and large organiser.