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    37 Highly-Rated Products On Amazon That Have Over One Thousand Reviews

    Including a WiFi booster that has gotten a lot of praise.

    1. This vegan face mask with 1,125 reviews draws out oils and impurities from your pores.

    2. Fairy lights are a quick and easy way to make a small space feel warm and inviting, and these lights have 1,019 reviews.

    3. Help the environment (and your bank account) and get this dishwasher safe, reusable coffee thermos with 1,664 reviews.

    4. This skincare oil (4,747 reviews) helps to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

    5. Every kitchen needs a kitchen scale; why not buy one with 3,362 ratings?

    6. This bestselling anti-wrinkle cream has a whopping 3,349 reviews.

    7. This satisfying extraction kit with 1,045 reviews gets at your blackheads and comedones.

    8. Transform any space into a cinema with this projector and screen that have 1,172 reviews.

    9. This eye serum reduces the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and bags. It also has 2,430 reviews.

    10. Use this stainless steel squeegee with over 2,580 reviews to clean your windows, mirrors, and shower.

    11. This water filter cartridge with 3,875 reviews uses micro carbon pearls to filter out chlorine, limescale, copper, and lead from your tap water.

    12. People are going nuts over this one-touch trash can with 4,884 reviews.

    13. Why queue up at a coffee shop when you can use this coffee machine with 1,434 reviews?

    14. These noise-isolating headphones with 1,537 reviews are practically tangle-proof thanks to their woven cables.

    15. This dust cleaner with 2,243 reviews cleans all those hard to reach places like your keyboard.

    16. For a deep condition, use this vegan hair perfector with 1,312 ratings.

    17. These leggings have 1,658 reviews and, more importantly, pockets.

    18. This lightweight hair dryer just so happens to have an eco-friendly setting and, what's this? 3,303 reviews.

    19. This dehumidifier with 4,731 reviews is easy to use and gets rid of bad smells.

    20. This nail polish remover with 1,198 reviews even works on gel nails.

    21. According to 1,184 reviews, these descaling tablets will get rid of all the limestone gunking up your appliances.

    22. You can wear these stylish sunglasses over your regular glasses. No wonder they have 1,079 reviews.

    23. Reviewers love how this electric toothbrush with 2,265 ratings visibly whitens teeth and has six different brushing modes.

    24. This easy-to-assemble garment rail with 1,599 reviews is the perfect solution if you have a tiny closet.

    25. Get rid of of the mould in your showers by applying this mould spray with 4,633 reviews.

    26. This beard wash and conditioner (1,287 reviews) helps keep your beard looking its best.

    27. You know that one spot in your home where the WiFi is dodgy? Try this WiFi booster for optimum coverage with over 10,000 reviews.

    28. 5,036 people reviewed this Alexa smart plug that turns your devices on and off at your vocal request.

    29. Treat cracked skin on your feet with this hypoallergenic foot cream (that just so happens to have 1,360 ratings).

    30. This eyebrow dye kit (1,241 reviews) gives you defined brows without salon prices.

    31. Customers are obsessed with this lash enhancing serum with 2,944 reviews.

    32. People really love this lemon-lavender scented candle. Like, really love it. Like, 1,694 ratings love it.

    33. This hair straightener with 1,399 reviews is infused with argan oil, leaving your hair smooth and shiny.

    34. Do your bin bags always break? Upgrade to these durable bin liners with 4,238 reviews

    35. These blackout curtains keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, saving you money on heating costs. No wonder they have 3,207 reviews!

    36. This portable Bluetooth speaker has a stereo stand, 24-hour playtime, and 2,832 ratings on Amazon.

    37. For a quick and healthy meal, all you have to do is put your chopped ingredients into this soupmaker with 3,548 reviews.