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    Updated on Oct 8, 2019. Posted on Oct 7, 2019

    17 Cake Photos That Are More Infuriating Than They Should Be

    Real cakes were killed in the making of this.

    1. This dad who took a badly cut slice with a name that wasn't even his:

    ttam_rates_memes / Via old.reddit.comノಠ益ಠノ彡/

    2. This entire office who — and I'm not kidding — needs to be fired:

    NoTick / Via

    3. This fiancé who might be single very soon:

    reginaldvontooshface / Via

    4. This person who tried their best...but it wasn't enough:

    Black--Snow / Via

    5. This sister who could have JUST CUT A THINNER SLICE:

    doktorfaggot / Via

    6. These people who were complicit in utter chaos:

    Schack_ / Via

    7. This mother-in-law who may have been trying to scare her child-in-law off:

    Drblam / Via

    8. These two coworkers who need an HR violation placed against them:

    TrendySpork / Via

    9. This dad who made a very happy birthday go south:


    10. These coworkers who have worms in their brains:

    moo_shoe / Via

    11. This family who NEEDS to reevaluate their life choices:

    Gadmir / Via

    12. This person who managed to make me visibly cringe:

    Cavalier26 / Via

    13. This mom who thought a round piece of cake was a good idea:

    Derooz / Via

    14. This person who has never seen a cake in their lives:

    ahappypoop / Via

    15. This person who thinks they really did something rebellious:

    DGuerraType / Via

    16. This wife who wants to watch us all die a little inside:

    iRACKERS / Via

    17. And finally, this person who apparently got a knife and closed their eyes:

    AlphaDaedra / Via

    H/T r/mildlyinfuriating