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    15 Airline Passengers That Will Make You Never Want To Fly Again

    Just pee in the seat, honey.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most unfortunate things they've seen people do on airplanes. I think you already know this post is headed in a bizarre direction...


    1. "I was sitting next to a kid whose mother was across the aisle with her other children. As the plane was taking off, her son told her had to pee really bad. She told him he had to wait because the plane was about to take off and he had to stay seated. The kid started shaking, sweating, and he was on the verge of crying. He told his mom that he couldn't wait, so she handed him a folded up towel she had in her backpack and told him to sit on it and pee. He did. Right next to me."


    2. "I was behind a man who had his S.O. lay across the seats with her feet on his lap. He began kissing and licking her feet and moaning. I flagged down a flight attendant who was equally horrified. She asked them to stop, and they did for a while, but eventually continued, making sexually suggestive noises."


    3. "When I was 10 years old, I fell asleep on a flight and suddenly felt someone stroking my head. I looked up and the woman next to me was reading her newspaper while petting me like a dog. After that, I switched seats with my mom."



    4. "The man next to me constantly had his hand behind the back of his neck and was doing weird little motions with his fingers. I eventually realized he was popping pimples and leaving the pus on the arm rest."


    5. "During a six-hour flight, I had to sit between a young couple, neither of them were probably older than 25. I asked them if they wanted to switch so they could be next to each other, but they declined. So during the flight, I fell asleep, and I woke up to see the couple LEANING OVER ME and full on MAKING OUT. I cleared my throat and they just rolled their eyes and sat back down."


    6. "I was snext to a woman with two wild children on a 10-hour flight. At one point, the mom stood her 5 or 6-year-old son up on the middle seat next to me. She dropped his pants and opened a man-sized poop in his diaper. She cleaned it right in my face. I didn't fly travel internationally for five years."



    7. "The lady next to me took her bra off about an hour into the flight while remaining seated."


    8. "I watched a guy blow snot directly into his hand, wipe it into a vomit bag, and put it back in the seat pocket."



    9. "The man next to me happily peeled three hard boiled eggs – he even brought his own salt and pepper grinder. Then he dropped one of the eggs and it rolled to the back of the plane. He looked all around and couldn't find it. He even asked around the plane to see if anyone saw where it went. I, happy that karma slapped him for bringing such a disgusting-smelling food on an airplane, kept my mouth shut when he asked me. Then, without skipping a beat, he pulled a gallon-sized freezer bag out of his backpack filled with at least a dozen more hard boiled eggs."


    10. "A preteen boy masturbated next to me to the in-flight safety video."



    11. "A passenger got sick and got up to go to the bathroom, but they were all occupied. She could not wait, so she ended up exorcist vomiting all over the floor, which splashed onto the three people sitting in the exit row next to the bathrooms."

    "The flight attendants attempted to clean it up the best that they could, but the passengers sitting in that row still had to sit with throw up all over their legs and shoes and on the floor in front of them for the duration of the flight. Luckily, I was sitting a few rows back but I witnessed the whole thing. To make matters worse, the flight attendants laid down a blanket over the vomit to cover it up."


    12. "The man next to me pulled out a whole garlic bulb shortly after take off, then peeled and ate the cloves raw the whole flight."


    13. "The person next to me had their foot propped up on the tray table, cutting their toenails. I still want to vomit when I think about it."



    14. "My aunt sat next to a guy who scraped his tongue and then flicked his fingers at her seat. He did that for the entire two-hour flight."


    15. "My parents' friends sat next to a person who didn’t move for hours. Eventually, they had to get up and the person wouldn't move so they could get through to the aisle. They called the flight attendant over and it turns out the person passed in their sleep and was dead the whole time..."



    Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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