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15 Tumblr Posts For People Who Want To Adopt Baby Yoda From "The Mandalorian"

Also accepting name submissions since "baby Yoda" isn't technically accurate.

Tessa Fahey 6 hours ago

The "Twilight" Universe Is Complicated, So I Bet You Can't Get 9/10 On This Quiz About It

Half of these books was Edward explaining weird vampire logic.

Tessa Fahey One day ago

This Test Knows Which Of The 12 Midwestern States You're From

This is just an excuse for you to be aggressively Midwestern.

Tessa Fahey One day ago
Tessa Fahey 2 days ago
Tessa Fahey 4 days ago
Tessa Fahey 6 days ago

20 Reasons Why Kids Are The Absolute Funniest Humans, As Told By Tumblr

“Excuse me, please, do you have to put on your tattoos by yourself every day or does your mom help you?”

Tessa Fahey 7 days ago

Can We Accurately Guess Your Age By How Many Makeup Trends You've Tried?

If you've used concealer as lipstick, we all know how old you are.

Tessa Fahey 8 days ago

If You Can't Get 8/11 On This Mandela Effect Movie Quotes Quiz, You Should Question Everything

Think you can quote The Wizard of Oz correctly? Think again.

Tessa Fahey 10 days ago

Can You Finish These Misremembered Idioms Correctly?

I'll wait with bated breath. Baited breath? I'll be holding my breath.

Tessa Fahey 11 days ago

If You Get 8/10 On This Quiz, You Can Call Yourself A Chicagoan

If you haven't had Italian beef, have you lived?

Tessa Fahey 12 days ago

24 Of The Best Marvel Cast Moments Of The Decade

Time to "cut the check," I guess.

Tessa Fahey 12 days ago
Tessa Fahey 13 days ago

This Simulation Will Tell You How A Doctor Would Have Treated You In Medieval Times

Disclaimer: Medicine in Medieval Europe was bad, which is why the plague went so poorly.

Tessa Fahey 14 days ago

Tell Us Your Makeup Habits And We'll Tell You What % Gross You Are

I respect all my gross girls, but please don't give yourself pink eye.

Tessa Fahey 15 days ago
Tessa Fahey 16 days ago

True "Harry Potter" Fans Can Pass This Auror Exam

Honestly, I like "wizard police" more than "auror," but I didn't write the books.

Tessa Fahey 16 days ago
Tessa Fahey 21 days ago

I Bet You Can't Get 8/11 On This Horror Movie Netflix Description Quiz

Hint: Most slasher movies are just about teens doing something really stupid.

Tessa Fahey 21 days ago

36 Times Tumblr Had Something Important And Hilarious To Say About "Star Wars"

"Star Trek and Star Wars are both about blonde farm boys going to space for the drama of it all."

Tessa Fahey 21 days ago