9 Actors Who Were Almost On "Glee" And 6 "Glee" Actors Who Almost Played A Different Role

    Lizzo on Glee would have been life-changing.

    Glee was a cultural moment, and a lot of actors wanted roles on the show. Here are some actors who were almost on Glee:

    1. Justin Timberlake

    2. Aaron Tveit

    3. Kristin Cavallari

    4. Todrick Hall

    5. Whitney Houston

    6. Lizzo

    7. Lili Reinhart

    8. Jon Cozart

    9. Nina Dobrev

    And here are some actors who did make it onto Glee, but almost played a different role than what they ended up with:

    10. Darren Criss

    11. Chris Colfer

    12. Skylar Astin

    13. Adam Lambert

    14. Samuel Larsen

    15. Finally, Romy Rosemont