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20 Millennial Home Trends That We'll All Be Cringing At In 20 Years

Millennials look at an Apple store and say, "I want to live here."

Each generation builds and decorates their home differently. We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community what home trends they associate with millennials. Here are the eye-opening results:

1. "50,000 shades of gray throughout a space."


"So. Much. Gray. And I say this as a millennial who has SOME gray, but way too many people take it too far. Gray walls, gray floors, gray couches, etc. And if not gray, it’s white… Just tons of gray and white interiors. Please let’s bring some color back again!"


"Gray everything (walls, floors, furniture), especially with yellow accents, marble, and rose gold."


gray cabinets and countertop in a kitchen

2. "Open concept layouts."


open concept layout

3. "Minimalism."

"My house is basically empty."


minimalist kitchen

4. "Geometric, hexagonal, and chevron patterns."


"Hexagonal or honeycomb floor tile in an entryway or bathroom transitioning into other tile or flooring types."


a woman in a kitcen with an accent wall that has a honeycomb pattern

5. "Plants everywhere."




shelves of plants

6. "The 'Apple' aesthetic."

"Being excessively slimmed down and minimalist while still looking modern and 'techy.''


techy-looking bedroom

7. "Epoxy resin wood coffee tables with hair pin legs."


resin coffee table

8. "Gemstones and crystals."

"Himalayan salt lamps, geodes, random selenite statues."


gemstones and crystals on a table

9. "Not having carpeted floors."


"As an interior designer, I see certain trends stick around for quite some time, and others come and go. Usually it’s furniture that the style changes more frequently since it’s easier to replace. The only thing I can say is a for-sure trend younger people consistently and specifically like most is having the same wood/LVP floor throughout the whole house. Younger people seem to really hate carpet."


a person putting down wood panels of flooring

10. "Excessive throw pillows."


several throw pillows on a couch

11. "White subway tile."


"Subway tile and white kitchens!"


Tan France in a kitchen with white countertops and subway tile on the wall

12. "Repurposed furniture and DIY."


a couple repainting a piece of furniture

13. "Chalkboard painted walls."

"The realtors did this in our kitchen to stage our home when my parents sold it in 2014. Looked ugly and seemed so pointless and messy."


a woman sitting on a bed with chalkboard walls behind her

14. "Live edge wood everything."


a wooden table made of live edge wood

15. "Keep Calm and Carry On posters."


Keep Calm and logos

16. "Dark-stained planks with bright, white-painted phrases."

"Like 'More wine' and a silhouette of a wine glass."


a give thanks decoration with a little owl doll on top

17. "Edison bulbs!"


Edison bulbs hanging from a ceiling

18. "Farmhouse sinks."


a woman smiling in a kitchen with a farmhouse sink

19. "Anything from the 1990s prominently displayed."

"Like an N64 or Game Boy Color."


an array of various Nintendo game systems on a table

20. And finally, "what we can afford."

"Millennials will be known for buying what's out there, and what we can afford, which even as we approach middle age is largely cheap assemble-at-home furniture to fill the cheap open-concept house some boomer knocked the walls out of 20 years ago. It's what's there."


Did we miss any millennial home trends? Have you noticed any Gen Z trends starting to appear? Let us know in the comments!

Note: Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.