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    17 Moments From "Friends" That Are Too Relatable If You're Over 25

    "Welcome to the real world! It sucks. You're gonna love it!" — Monica

    1. When someone asks, "Do you want to go out this Friday?"

    2. When your coworker tries to talk to you before coffee.

    3. When you see how much money you actually have in your bank account.

    4. When that one friend that's been on again and off again with their "boo" finally ends it for good.

    5. How you feel when you get anything for free.

    6. And when your neighbors are playing their music just a little too loud.

    7. When you get out of work 30 minutes early.

    8. When you see a cute dog walking down the street.

    9. When you finally score a hot date after hours of dating app swiping.

    10. When you see someone brown-nosing the boss.

    11. When you decide to stop doing the "right things" at the gym and just go for it.

    12. When you're not sure what you did, but you know you did something.

    13. When people you only kind of know ask you to hang out.

    14. When someone gives you a compliment.

    15. When that bottle of wine turns into a week long hangover.

    16. When you're scrolling through the Internet at night and look at the time.

    17. And when life keeps trying to bring you down, but you just won't let it.

    Hang in there — it'll all work out in the end!