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    Updated on Mar 22, 2020. Posted on Oct 7, 2019

    20 Ways High School Teachers And College Professors Are Completely Different

    "tHiS wOnT fLy In ColLeGe."

    1. College professors are very secretive people:

    2. They are super intense:

    High school (Teacher who barely got through school and managed to get a teaching degree): my name is Ms. Johnson and you will call me as such College (Professor who is a top individual in their field with multiple degrees, maybe a PHD): hey guys what's up my name's Matt

    3. And they aren't afraid to lay down the law:

    4. College professors have no patience for tardiness:

    5. They are SUPER strict with directions:

    High school teachers: your essay must be 7 FULL pages, NOT counting the works cited page, or it’s an automatic failure College professors: if you make me read more than 3 pages I will shoot you

    6. And they don't appreciate any funny business:

    High school teachers: “Your professors in college won’t put up with that” College professors:

    7. College professors rarely make mistakes:

    8. They don't make promises they can't keep:

    9. And they make zero effort to get to know the students:

    Middle school: "They won't tolerate this in high school." HS: "This won't work in college." College professor: "y'all want some milkduds???"

    10. College professors have absolutely no room for failure:

    High school teachers: your college professors are NOT going to put up with this College professors: who wants to race in the parking lot

    11. They're super formal:

    12. And they only dress in the finest clothing:

    13. College professors take tests very seriously:

    HS teachers: college is NOT a joke a real college exam question i just had: “which doesn’t belong?” A. Ethos B. Pathos C. Logos D. Migos

    14. Super, super serious:

    My High school Teacher: “You are all in for a rude awakening in college. Professors don’t mess around, its all business there.” My Neuroscience Prof:

    15. College professors have no time for jokes:

    16. They rarely give extra credit:

    High school teachers: Your college professors will NOT put up with this. College prof: *while eating banana* so the final isn’t cumulative. If you want extra credit come to my karaoke night.

    17. College professors only cancel class if the situation is truly desperate:

    18. Like, truly desperate:

    high school teachers: be thankful we're so hard on you, college professors would fuck your ass up college professors: hi guys, Sorry, I can't make it to class, I'm mourning my fish. It drowned. -sent from my iPhone

    19. They have no time for fun and games:

    20. And they're super intimidating:

    high school teachers: “this stuff won’t fly in college, you need to be more professional” college professors:


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