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    21 Things I Learned About Frankie Muniz From His Unique Twitter

    "Some people are just getting home from the club right now. I've already been asleep for seven hours and I'm up early to watch some infomercials."

    Frankie Muniz asking Lizzo to put a chain around him is moment that will go down in history!

    Hey @lizzo, lemme be your accessory. I can be a purse... put a chain around me and I'll hold your stuff for you... just sayin.

    New profile pic of @lizzo and me. Credit to Strawberry_cherub on Instagram.

    And after witnessing that, I had no choice but to go through his Twitter to learn more about him. Here's what I found out:

    1. He loves ice cream.

    Does anyone else eat a whole tub of ice cream and then get a cramp in their neck? I literally can't turn my head due to ice cream consumption. This is my mid-30's.

    2. He is very aware of his mortality.

    I think I've reached the age where I need to stop caring about sports before I die from a brain aneurysm.

    3. He has a way with words.

    My face smells like freaking butter. I'm a freaking butter face.

    4. He's a kinda small dude.

    Do your feet shrink as you get older? My foot is a full size and a half smaller than it was when I was a teen. Or am I just accepting the fact that I'm a tiny little bitch and there's no reason to hide it anymore by wearing shoes that are too big?

    5. He's random as hell.

    Almost hit Megan Fox with my car today and sat next to Fabio at lunch. Not to mention, I STILL can't believe it's not butter.

    6. He likes to pee in ice.

    I really like peeing into urinals filled with ice. Officially.

    7. He types out "LOL" kinda like an undercover cop.

    Is it possible to gain 20 lbs in a month you ask? Why yes. It is. I'm a freaking monster. Laughing out loud.

    8. He's more of a homebody than a partying type.

    Some people are just getting home from the club right now, I've already been sleep for 7 hours and I'm up early to watch some infomercials.

    9. He's a belieber!

    I had a dream last night that @justinbieber and I were friends and we were filming Insta stories in my Smart Car.

    10. He eats a full breakfast.

    I just ate an entire cake. It's 6:59 AM.

    11. He has unique food preferences.

    A ribeye steak with a side of red Starbursts. Yes ma'am!

    12. He needs a screen protector for his phone.

    Just cracked my phone screen... and I didn't even drop it. Bent down in skinny jeans. Kill me.

    13. He's a #daredevil.

    Just got in a motorcycle accident. I was going 1 mph. Cracked my helmet on the pavement. Another one for the record books.

    14. He's balding.

    My baldness level is reaching creepy social studies teacher status.

    15. He doesn't give up easily!

    Amarillo, I have the flu but I'm gonna still dance the hardest I can at tonight's show. My butt is aching from the shots I had to get, so if I'm wincing... That's why!

    16. He's misses when social media was at its peak.

    It's been about 15 months since I've signed into Facebook. It was tough to break the habit at first, but now I feel so free... Twitter and Instagram might be next, but I'll always keep my MySpace.

    17. He's not vegan.

    I know I've probably tweeted this before but... Damn! I love sausage!

    18. He's reachable by email.

    19. He HATES bugs.

    Think I broke my toe while black-light scorpion hunting in my backyard. DO NOT KICK A BRICK WALL even if a scorpion is on it, attacking you.

    20. He always makes sure to stay hydrated.

    I don't have any drinks in my fridge, and I'm too lazy to go to the store, so I'm drinking a jar of applesauce to quench my thirst.

    21. He appreciates how good looking Zac Efron is.

    You know when you look in the mirror and realize you'll never be as good looking as @ZacEfron and you'll always be a Frankie Muniz looking mother fucker? Imagine being Frankie Muniz.

    Never stop sharing, Frankie!