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October 10, 2019

Stephen LaConte 28 minutes ago

13 Celebrity #TBT Photos You Might Not Have Seen This Week

Mandy Moore posting a few A Walk To Remember behind-the-scenes photos kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!

Brian Galindo 8 minutes ago

17 Tourist Mistakes Everyone Has Made In Spain

Don't even think about going to dinner before 8 p.m.

Jon-Michael Poff 48 minutes ago

Iranian Women Were Allowed To Attend A Soccer Match For The First Time In Nearly 40 Years

The conservative regime only allowed 4,000 tickets for women in a stadium that seats about 80,000. Rights groups blasted it as "a cynical publicity stunt.”

Olivia Niland 1 hour ago

Tell Us About A Hidden Holiday Gem You've Visited In Australia

Pls God, help me escape the Bondi bubble this summer.

Julia Willing 1 hour ago
Marissa G. Muller 15 minutes ago

24 Times Twitter Completely Understood The Experience Of College Students

"All college boys do is buy textbooks, smoke juuls, swipe tinder, eat pizza rolls, and lie."

Ajani Bazile 1 hour ago

16 Times "The Golden Girls" Cancelled Rose's Entire Existence

"Must you always be so cheerful, you empty-headed Mary Poppins knock-off?"

Kayla Yandoli 38 minutes ago
Stephen LaConte 1 hour ago
Ehis Osifo 38 minutes ago

Babysitters Are Sharing The Secrets They Found Out About The Parents They Work For, And Y'all Are Not Ready

"The 7-year-old said, 'Don't open that drawer! Mommy said it has bags of sugar in it!"

Asia McLain 1 hour ago

17 Things That The Rest Of The World Finds Weird About Australia

The world has spoken — Australia is weirder than we ever realised.

Clare Aston 28 minutes ago
Hannah Loewentheil 15 minutes ago
Heather Braga 3 hours ago



Saori Ibuki 2 hours ago

19 das mais antigas imagens da história da fotografia

"O século 19 é uma época particularmente fascinante na fotografia porque é o começo absoluto."

Gabriel H. Sanchez 3 hours ago
Kaysey Davis 3 hours ago
Matheus Saad 3 hours ago

29 Cute Animals That Are Native To Latin America

Capybaras, llamas, toucans, and other adorable creatures.

Yi Yang 2 hours ago

These 19 Dog Pics Will Undoubtedly Make Your Day Better

Get ready to cry from cuteness overload.

Casey Rackham 1 hour ago
Matt Stopera 2 hours ago

Pentagon Played "Who's Who" And We Learned They're Pretty Great At Roasting Each Other

You can't say "humph" to these boys — it's physically impossible.

Sarah Han 3 hours ago

Kindness Is Not Enough

As illustrated by the A-list stars applauding Ellen DeGeneres’s friendship with George W. Bush and a “beautiful” video of Brandt Jean forgiving his brother’s killer, the most privileged among us too often prioritize positivity over justice.

Shannon Keating 1 hour ago

15 Kids Who Are Figuring Life Out Way Faster Than The Rest Of Us

They are going places you've never, ever been.

Asia McLain 3 hours ago

10 presentes para tirar meninos e meninas do sofá

"Larga desse celular, criatura!"

Gaia Passarelli 3 hours ago



Kota Hatachi 3 hours ago

These Gorgeous Pictures Show What The New Chicanx Generation Looks Like

"I hope people find in these pictures a sense of community, and can see the beauty that radiates from Chicanx people."

Gabriel H. Sanchez 3 hours ago

Who Do You Think Is The Worst Leading Man In Rom-Com History?

Do you think Peter Kavinsky is overrated? How about Noah Calhoun?

Kayla Yandoli 3 hours ago
Mauro Albano 4 hours ago
Shelby Heinrich 2 hours ago
Dave Stopera 3 hours ago

I Have Never Felt More Like A Slacker Than Seeing Kim Kardashian Christmas Shop In October

You can never be too prepared for a Kardashian Christmas.

Marissa G. Muller 4 hours ago

This Map Shows The Wildfire Risks That Are Causing California’s Utilities To Cut Off Power

Parched conditions, high winds, and utilities’ fears about incurring huge liabilities have triggered widespread precautionary power outages.

Peter Aldhous 3 hours ago
Ben Armson 4 hours ago

33 Disney Halloween Costumes For Both You And Your Kids

Spooky season is about to be infused with some serious Disney magic.

Heather Braga 4 hours ago
Amy Glover 5 hours ago
Terry Carter 15 minutes ago

Opinion: We Have A Mental Health Crisis. Why Isn't Washington Acting Like It?

In the US, 1 in 5 children have a mental, emotional, or behavioral disorder. Treatment should be a human right, not a privilege.

Lindsey Boylan 15 minutes ago

Descubra qual GIF corresponde ao dia e mês do seu aniversário

Aproveita e faz também pro aniversário do crush, do cachorro, da mãe...

Luiz Guilherme Moura 5 hours ago

A New ICE Training Facility Is Being Modeled After US Cities. Members Of Congress Who Represent Those Areas Are Livid.

“This decision is nothing short of a declaration of war on our neighborhoods,” Rep. Jesús García said of the project.

Kadia Goba 4 hours ago

Quantos filmes com a Fernanda Montenegro você já assistiu?

São 30 trabalhos lançados no cinema (até agora)!

Matheus Saad 4 hours ago
Wanderlust188 8 minutes ago
Ehis Osifo 1 hour ago

17 Things Our Readers Are So Glad They Splurged On (And You Will Be, Too!)

Recommendations for super comfy shoes, next-level kitchen items, must-try beauty products, and more!

Sarah Aspler 6 hours ago

15 Behind-The-Scenes Details About The "Riverdale" Tribute To Luke Perry

Luke had talked about getting Shannen Doherty to guest star, so having her in the episode was a way to honor his wishes.

Nora Dominick 14 minutes ago

The “Living Undocumented” Team Opened Up About The Woman Deported To Mexico After Her Husband Voted For Trump

The new Netflix series follows an ex-Marine who voted for the president, only to watch in horror as the Trump administration deported his wife.

Krystie Lee Yandoli 6 hours ago

Urban Outfitters Is Offering An Extra 40% Off The Sale Section, So Ready Your Wallets

Take 40% off items that are already on sale — and do it fast for the love of god.

Colin Gorenstein 5 hours ago

16 Great And Ridiculous Couple Halloween Costumes You Can Get On Amazon Canada

Partner up with your bae or your bestie this Halloween.

Mikael Melo 14 minutes ago
Christian Zamora 6 hours ago
Matt Stopera 3 hours ago

A Memory Card With Videos Of A Brutal Murder Was Found On The Street And Police Have Arrested A Suspect

The SD card contained videos and photos of a man viciously attacking a woman.

Clarissa-Jan Lim 14 minutes ago

All The Best Deals At Walmart Right Now

Deals on lift-top desks, trampolines, seamless bras, and more.

Emily Shwake 6 hours ago

20 Products That'll Make Your Home Feel More Like A Hotel

And you don't have to make a reservation.

Samantha Wieder 4 hours ago

21 Things Under $20 That I'm Frankly Surprised You Don't Own By Now

You've been meaning to try these things forever, so what are you waiting for?

Kat Angus 7 hours ago

Quantos tipos de pizza você conhece?

Pra você que quer INOVAR na pizza.

Agatha da Hora 6 hours ago

Pixar's "Onward" Has Its First Trailer And It Gave Me Absolutely All Of The Feelings

Please excuse me while I call my father, sobbing! Thank you!

Allie Hayes 6 hours ago
Terry Carter 15 minutes ago

Which Finn Wolfhard Character Matches Your Personality Best?

It's the Finn Wolfhard Cinematic Universe!

carterrradical 6 hours ago

Amber Rudd, Philip Hammond, And David Gauke Are In Talks To Lead A New Political Grouping At The Next Election

One person with knowledge of the conversations described the group as a party in all but name.

Alberto Nardelli 2 hours ago

Paula Abdul Revealed How She Got Tricked By Sacha Baron Cohen Into Appearing In "Brüno"

"Look, I heard I was getting International Artist of the Year award. I'm gonna show up."

Michael Blackmon 5 hours ago
11callie11skelhorn11 6 hours ago

A Love Letter To Jarritos, My Favorite Fruity Soft Drink

A brief history lesson and taste test all in one.

Jesse Szewczyk 7 hours ago
Lauren Yapalater 15 minutes ago

¿Qué tan Maléfica eres?

Descubre si realmente eres la dueña del mal.

Luis Del Valle 9 hours ago

Ein neues Gesetz könnte zehntausenden berufskranken Menschen helfen – und geht Experten doch nicht weit genug

BuzzFeed News veröffentlicht den Entwurf für das neue Gesetz exklusiv.

Daniel Drepper 9 hours ago

Which Teletubby Should You Be For Halloween?

Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, or Po?

Reem 2 hours ago

18 Tweets About The "Riverdale" Luke Perry Tribute Episode

"Beautiful tribute to Luke Perry's life on and off camera."

Jen Abidor 3 hours ago

Here's What Vegans Can Order At Fast Food Restaurants

From KFC's Beyond Chicken to Burger King's Impossible Whopper, here's a handy guide for what you can order at fast food places as a vegan.

Whitney Jefferson 1 hour ago

What Is The Dumbest Way You Have Injured Yourself?

Sometimes the answer to, "How did you get that cast?" is better left unsaid...but not anymore.

29 Practical Products You Should Probably Own By Now

Please stop drinking alcohol out of mugs.

Isabel Daly 9 hours ago
Nadja Roedig 9 hours ago

Opinion: The Trauma Of Gun Violence Lasts Generations

Gun deaths loom over my community like a storm cloud. To heal the pain, we need to listen to those who feel it the most.

Karissa Anderson 7 hours ago

What Is Your Archetype?

No words. Just right.

Tanner Greenring 1 hour ago

21 Things For Anyone Who's Just Really Ready To Go On Vacation Already

So, you have the longing. But do you have the products to go with that?

Colin Gorenstein 8 hours ago

These Men Killed Themselves After The Government Hit Them With Historic Tax Demands

"The loan charge took my brother’s life — he was a father, a son, an uncle, a partner: it has essentially destroyed our family."

Emily Ashton 6 hours ago

O Gabriel queria fotografar a natureza no bairro onde trabalha. Os moradores postaram alertas sobre o “suspeito".

"Eu fiquei com raiva porque já acordo todo dia de manhã para ir trabalhar para não ter ninguém no meu pé, para não dar motivo, entendeu? A gente, que nasce pobre, tenta fazer tudo pelo certo. E aí tem alguém me difamando no Facebook."

Tatiana Farah 2 hours ago

27 Times Tumblr Got Way Too Excited For Halloween

"We wouldn’t even be here if Jesus hadn’t slain that colossal pumpkin."

Tessa Fahey 2 hours ago

16 Momentos ultra "WTF" en series para teens

Riverdale Temporada 3., necesitas parar.

hmarder 9 hours ago
Audrey Worboys 9 hours ago
Audrey Worboys 3 hours ago
Luis Del Valle 4 hours ago

Sabemos exactamente qué canción de Selena eres, solo haz este quiz

Hay un poco de "Bidi bidi bom bom" en todos nosotros.

Lauren Garafano 6 hours ago

Escoge tus cosas favoritas de otoño y te diremos cuándo te casarás

¡Ya es época de suéteres, o sea, la mejor época!

Ajani Bazile 1 hour ago

18 Productos para llenar tu vida si eres fan de los personajes de Nintendo

Playeras, imanes, viniles: desbloquearás varios niveles con tanta ternura y nostalgia.

Eythel Aracil 9 hours ago
Yara Salgado 15 minutes ago

Trump Said His Former Ambassador To Ukraine Was "Bad News." Now She’s Due To Testify To Congress.

Marie Yovanovitch was described by those who worked with her as a diplomat’s diplomat. But her early recall from her post in Ukraine has raised questions she's due to answer before Congress.

Christopher Miller 9 hours ago

Answer 7 Random Questions To Reveal Your "Good Place" Soul Mate And Fate

Will you end up with your soul mate in the Good Place?

Jenna Guillaume 3 hours ago

People Are Tweeting Hilariously Weird Things They Did As Kids, And There Are No Words

"I kept a folder in my desk with a piece of hair from every kid in the class in case cloning technology was ever invented."

Asia McLain 9 hours ago
Morgan Murrell 7 hours ago

Two Men Who Worked With Rudy Giuliani To Dig Up Dirt On Biden Have Been Arrested

Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman are in custody, a spokesperson for the US attorney's office in Manhattan has confirmed.

Zoe Tillman 1 hour ago

Here's The Best Burrito In Every State, According To Yelp

*immediately plans cross-country road trip based off this list*

Syd Robinson 3 hours ago
uwu 4 hours ago

Julián Castro Wants To End Adoption Discrimination Against LGBTQ People

The Texas Democrat is proposing executive action around the use of federal funds, in addition to legislation.

Nidhi Prakash 10 hours ago

25 Products That Just Might Help Boost Your Confidence

You're awesome, whether you get these things or not.

Elena Garcia 10 hours ago

Find Out Which "Lion King" Character You're Most Like

Nants ingonyama bagithi baba! Sithi uhm ingonyama! 🌅🦁

bhssoftball0967 6 hours ago

Crie um feitiço e saiba se você é mais Winnifred, Sarah ou Mary Sanderson

Lancei um feitiço em você, agora você é meu.

Evelina Zaragoza Medina 11 hours ago
Shelby Heinrich 4 hours ago
Kayla Yandoli 11 hours ago

17 Volumizing Hair Products That Work So Well You Just Might Say Goodbye To Limp, Flat Strands Forever

Get ready to kiss those limp, thin strands goodbye because these products work so well you could probably say they don't fall *flat* on their promises.

Jasmin Suknanan 11 hours ago
Ida ♓️ 9 hours ago

Cody Simpson Posted A Topless Picture On Instagram And Justin Bieber Was Such A Fan That He Asked Him Out On A Double Date

I, too, asked Cody on a date after seeing said Instagram picture, so get to the back of the queue, Justin.

Ben Henry 9 hours ago
Ida ♓️ 8 hours ago

12 Of The Biggest Lies People Have Told About Money

"In reality, my parents pay for everything."

Josie Ayre 15 minutes ago



26 Inexpensive Products That'll Help Make Your Fall So Much Better

You'll ~fall~ for fall over and over again with these picks.

Marquaysa Battle 2 hours ago
Ida ♓️ 15 minutes ago
uwu 9 hours ago

Incoming: A Surveillance State In The Making

A deadly attack in Germany, three impeachment stories you should know, It's..........Rebekah Vardy's account. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, October 10.

Apple Has Removed A Mapping App That Let Protesters In Hong Kong Track Police

"This app violates our guidelines and local laws, and we have removed it from the App Store."

Pranav Dixit 10 hours ago
Shivani Agrawal 6 hours ago

Texting With Mark Sanford: Impeachment Can't Become A "Personality Contest"

In The Stakes 2020, BuzzFeed News' newsletter about the 2020 campaign, former South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford — one of Trump's Republican challengers — explains why he thinks a House censure of Trump would be better than impeachment.

Ben Smith 11 hours ago

Jennifer Aniston Revealed She Turned Down A Role On "SNL" Because It Was A "Boys' Club"

Aniston revealed that she declined an offer to join the SNL cast just before she signed on to do Friends because she didn’t like the "boys' club" environment on set.

Ben Henry 11 hours ago

月経カップは生理用ナプキンよりも低コスト 研究で明らかに


Gina Rushton 2 hours ago



5 People Shared With Us How Being "Farmed" To White Families Impacted Their Lives And How They See Race

Thousands of black children have been privately fostered by white families. The effects of this little-discussed practice on some of them have been profound.

Ade Onibada 9 hours ago

21 Products For People Who Are Fed Up With Bad Hair Days

Including a bed head-proof silk pillowcase.

18 Katzen, die sich wirklich meisterhaft tarnen können

Jetzt siehst du mich. Jetzt siehst du mich nicht.

Pablo Valdivia 14 minutes ago

31 Silly Purchases That'll Probably Cause People To Give You More Compliments Than You Know What To Do With

When life hands you a human-sized wristwatch, you should probably just go ahead and take it.

ヒロインはお姫様抱っこされない。アニメ映画『HELLO WORLD』が描くリアリティー

9月20日に公開された『HELLO WORLD ハロー・ワールド』でメガホンをとった伊藤智彦監督が言う。本作は2027年の仮想世界と現実を舞台に、主人公の成長を描くSFアニメーション映画だ。









台風19号の影響で「COMIC CITY SPARK 14」1日目は中止へ

秋の国内最大級の同人誌イベント「COMIC CITY SPARK 14」(10月13日〜14日)について、赤ブーブー通信社は台風19号の影響で13日の開催を中止すると発表した。

Rebecca O'Connell 7 hours ago

Brexit Protests Could Put A Huge Strain On Police Officers During One Of The Busiest Nights Of Their Year

“Whoever decided on the 31st as a good day to leave [the EU] clearly has no idea of the concept of policing whatsoever."

Hannah Al-Othman 11 hours ago

11 Adorable Mugs To Help You Get Through The Day

Add a spoonful of optimism to your day!

とても おおきな 台風(たいふう)が 12〜13日 に きます【やさしい日本語のきじ】

台風(たいふう)ハギビス・19号(ごう)が きて います。やさしい 日本語 の ニュース です。



basketballfreak123 4 hours ago

Choose 6 Pictures And We'll Reveal What Your Mood Ring Color Is

I just lost my mood ring. I'm not sure how I feel about this.

Bella Javier 4 hours ago

It's Very Important That We Find Out If You're Jopping Or Not

"'Cause when we jumping it's popping, we're..."

Maleah Rowe 6 hours ago

【DEAN & DELUCAとのコラボイベント!】ハロウィンにぴったり♪ベーコン巻きミートローフ



目が見えなくてもおしゃれを楽しんでほしい。そう願ってネイルやメイクを提案する日本に唯一の視覚障がい者専門のネイルサロンが埼玉県にある。名前は「ネイル ルブライユ」。経営業態は主に出張型だ。どうして目の見えない人をターゲットに?そこには意外な答えがあった。





kylienozone 7 hours ago

9 Obnoxiously Cute Date Night Ideas For You And Bae From ₹0-₹600

*Baby I don't need dollar bills to have fun tonight*

Bella Javier 4 hours ago
thewonkybanana 3 hours ago
itsmayagrace 4 hours ago
frankilini 2 hours ago
lileyyy 5 hours ago
fanaticcookies 8 minutes ago
Casey Rackham 2 hours ago
cameronkg 6 hours ago
Bella Javier 1 hour ago

NBA Fans Supporting Hong Kong Protests Are Getting Kicked Out Of Games And Their Signs Confiscated

"I don't see how it was any more or less disruptive than an average NBA fan holding up a sign and screaming at the players and those people don't get kicked out."

Stephanie K. Baer 7 hours ago



Nora Dominick 15 minutes ago

What Are Your Unpopular Marvel Movie Opinions?

This is crucial information, y'all.

23 Pieces Of Outerwear You'll Probably Want In Your Fall Wardrobe

Let your outerwear take the spotlight this fall.

Allie Hayes 8 hours ago

Are You A Panda Or A Cat Person?

Are you more "meow" or "too lazy to reproduce"?

nataliag0986 4 hours ago
Shelby Heinrich 15 minutes ago
Erin O'Dell 9 hours ago
Michelle No 6 hours ago

Carhenge Is The Iconic Site You Probably Didn't Know You Needed To Visit 'Til Now

The ~free~ Nebraska roadside attraction is a total engineering marvel.

Elizabeth Lilly 4 hours ago

A 74-Year-Old Man Was Acquitted Of Assaulting A Far-Right YouTuber Who Was Defending TV Host Sonia Kruger

The series of events leading to Sam Ekermawi's successful appeal started when Sonia Kruger called for an end to Muslim immigration on Australian breakfast television.

Isha Bassi 3 hours ago
Marissa G. Muller 6 hours ago
Krista Torres 6 hours ago
Taylor Owens 15 minutes ago
Jennifer Tonti 10 hours ago
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