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    21 Products Our Readers Swear By For Getting More Sleep

    The gadgets, apps, natural remedies, and more that people swear by for getting in some serious shut-eye.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favourite products for a better night's sleep. Get ready to hit the hay!

    1. An essential oil diffuser that'll make your home feel like a spa and prep your mind and body for a trip to Sleepytown, USA.

    2. A Dohm sound machine, which mimics the soothing sound of rushing air, with two speeds and a customizable volume, to block out any noise that might otherwise prevent you from clocking those z's. Your snoring S.O. who?

    3. A contour memory-foam pillow for neck support that'll help you nod off in supreme comfort — and it's got special gel pads that'll keep you cool all night long.

    4. A container of melatonin supplement gummies, a natural — and delicious — way to get your body ready for slumber.

    5. A silk pillowcase that'll feel luxe AF (and prevent messy hair to boot), so you'll have yet another excuse to crawl into bed an hour early.

    6. A super-soft sleep mask for stopping those pesky early rays of sunlight from effing up your sleep.

    7. A memory-foam mattress topper, a cheaper alternative to buying a new mattress altogether that'll save you from uncomfortable sleepless nights from here on out.

    8. Blackout curtains available in a variety of colours that'll basically tell every sunny day, "Come at me, bro."

    9. Natural Vitality Natural Calm magnesium, a natural and organic vitamin supplement intended to help you snooze and support your immune system.

    10. Lavender pillow spray, so you can fill your sleep space with the natural scent notorious for inducing blissful, calming vibes.

    11. Or just get yourself a bag full of lavender — and place some on your nightstand or make a cup of floral tea. Your old teabags could never.

    12. A set of super-affordable earbuds to block out all the haters (aka noisy roommates or neighbours) cramping your sleep style.

    13. The Relax Melodies app, which you can use to customize soothing sounds that'll put your mind at ease — from rain to chanting to everything in between.

    14. A pregnancy pillow, because you don't need to be pregnant to enjoy the comfort of full-body support as you drift into dreamland.

    15. The LectroFan white-noise machine, with 10 fan sounds and 10 ambient noise variations, to help you tune out any distractions that might be keeping you awake every damn night.

    16. A weighted blanket designed to increase relaxation and reduce stress that may also be helpful for those with disorders such as anxiety, OCD, autism, and sensory processing disorder.

    17. Purrli.com, because of course there's a site devoted to mimicking customized cat purrs, and of course you're going to check it out (and maybe even use it get some sleep).

    18. Thermal socks to keep your toes perfectly toasty during chilly (or air-conditioned) eves.

    19. A Himalayan salt lamp, to provide your room with a soft, amber glow conducive to catching some z's.

    20. A neckroll pillow that might offer you the chin support you need to fall asleep more comfortably and easily.

    21. And the Pzizz app, which helps you make time for sleeping, napping, and focusing when you need to — so you can wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

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