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    16 Adorable Dog Posts To Jumpstart Your Week

    *thinks about that dog's feet*

    1. This week, someone ordered a frothy lil' chonkini!!!!!!!!

    2. This dynamic duo blew up overnight and took the music industry by storm!!!!!!!

    3. This video quite literally breathed new air into my lungs!!!!!!!

    4. And yes, this is basically the same video, but it's also SO 👏 H*CKIN' 👏 CYOOT 👏 that I had to include it:

    I didn’t know I needed this video till now

    5. No one could stop thinking about this pupper's feet:

    6. Pyles here ~fashionably~ embraced the change of weather!!!!!!!!!!

    This is Pyles. He got a new fit for his ski trips this winter. Absolutely serving. Puppared for any chilly happenings. 14/10 #SeniorPupSaturday

    7. HIS FEETS DID A TIPPY-TAP!!!!!!!!!!

    oh my dog, i see so many fishies (tilda_greta IG)

    8. He did the ol' Blep 'N' Squiggle™:

    This will forever put you in a good mood.

    9. And his blepper did a WIGGLE-WAGGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is Kevin. Sometimes his tongue gets stuck on wiggle mode. Everything’s fine he just has to wait it out. 13/10

    10. This very valid question was posed on Twitter:

    11. This happy ol' gal got carried like a lil' bb when she got tired:

    12. The golden nug said "Henlo!!!!!":

    this is daisy, she just dropped in to say hello (trelaine IG)

    13. HE BLEP:

    14. Happy here proved she is indeed happy and also the canine version of a cumulonimbus cloud:

    This is Happy. She’s here to promote her new book: Cloudy with a Chance of Tippy Taps. First 50 sold come with a pawtograph. 13/10 already preordered

    15. HE GROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    16. And lastly, well...actually, this is just a plug to get a Nintendogs app because, I mean...JUST LOOK AT THESE PRECIOUS LIL' VIRTUAL STIMKERS!!!!!!!!!! Thoughts?!

    Okay mariokart is now an app woohoo now pls give us what we really want