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    23 DIY Beauty Treatments To Try If You're Sick Of Spending Money At The Salon

    The only thing better than looking great is saving money while you're doing it.

    1. This feather eyebrow pen will make you look like you've had your brows microbladed.

    2. You can remove stray eyebrow hairs and peach fuzz (along with some dead skin cells) with this Amoore razor.

    3. This tooth stain remover is really good at clearing the plaque from your teeth.

    4. You can get a lash lift at home. You really can.

    5. Getting your nails done is expensive – consider buying this gel polish home manicure set instead, which has everything a beginner needs.

    6. And add some Seche Vite top coat over it, which can seal your nails for weeks and prevent chipping.

    7. This home wax heater is really highly-reviewed.

    8. A tanning mitt that's literally got your back.

    9. This pretty jade roller will help your skincare products sink even more deeply into your skin.

    10. You can buy this wire facial hair remover to help you get clean eyebrows and that peach fuzz-free goodness at home.

    11. Or, if you want a more traditional tool, this salon-quality threading thread is antibacterial!

    12. Instead of getting an expensive facial, consider buying The Ordinary's AHA peeling gel instead.

    13. Treat the ends of your hair to some nourishment with this argan oil hair mask.

    14. You can get an epilator if waxing isn't your vibe!

    15. Get that salon-fresh glow with some ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid.

    16. You can dye your eyebrows at home with some Just For Men!

    17. This foot mask is deeply, grossly satisfying.

    18. You can tell me you've never considered buying a blackhead remover, but I won't believe you.

    19. You can get a shower head attachment for your taps that will turn your sink into a hairdresser's shampoo bowl (!)

    20. This BaByliss big hair blow dry styler will give your hair that salon lift...

    21. .. and this volume mousse won't hurt either.

    22. This Laneige lip mask will make your lips feel super soft.

    23. Just a really good pumice stone.