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    21 Things That'll Make Studying A Lot Less Painful

    Time to take the "dying" out of "studying."

    1. Divide and conquer with these divider sticky notes, because bending the corner of your pages is so last year. Now you'll know which note is where with the power of colour-coordinated tabs!

    2. Study to your own beat with these wireless Bluetooth earbuds. With over 1,500 positive reviews, they're often compared to a very popular wireless earbud made by a certain company whose name is a fruit. But these ones are a fraction of the cost!

    3. These compact file folders will help organize your notes so that you don't accidentally study science when you have a math test tomorrow. With five pockets and a snap closure, these file folders will make you the coolest kid at school.

    4. These permanent markers will help give your study session some personality. With 40 markers in one pack, these dual tip markers allow you to highlight or underline your notes with ease. Plus, they're fast-drying, meaning no unwanted smudges!

    5. With notebooks this cute you'll actually want to study! This three-set is great for students who like to separate their notebooks per class.

    6. An "I have no idea what I'm doing" mug will send a strong signal to your peers that you're in the same boat as them. Having a mug like this will lighten the mood, no matter how stressed you may be with midterms.

    7. Studying in comfortable sweatpants is scientifically proven to help you pass your classes. Okay, maybe it isn't scientifically proven, but it sure is cozy AF.

    8. Pair your sweatpants with this bestselling fuzzy hoodie. Not only will you feel like you're on cloud nine, but this sweater will help soothe the pains of studying by keeping you comfortable.

    9. This portable and adjustable lamp will shine some light on those of you who are night owls. With two modes (cold and warm) you can set the tone for your reading, working, and crying whilst studying.

    10. A cell phone stand holder allows you to focus on your notes while your phone plays the latest episode of your favourite Netflix show. Multi-tasking is super important, after all!

    11. If you love caffeine but don't love drinking coffee, then this caffeinated chocolate bar is about to be your new best friend. Proudly Canadian, this chocolate bar has 100mg of caffeine to help with those all-nighters before a big test.

    12. A pack of gum a day helps keep the bad grades away! Chewing gum is a great stress releaser pre-, during and post-exam.

    13. These decorative diamond pens are so pretty that you'll actually enjoy writing your notes. Diamonds are a person's best (studying) friend, after all.

    14. Foam earplugs will give you the power to make any space as quiet as a library. The foam helps shape the earplugs to your ears' unique size to cancel out unwanted sounds. It also comes with its own carrying case that clips onto any key ring, giving you the chance to study anywhere!

    15. Make studying fun with these blank flashcards. You can test your knowledge before an exam with the OG study method!

    16. This memory foam seat cushion will give your tush the love it deserves while you drill knowledge into your brain.

    17. With a 10-foot iPhone charging cable, you can study wherever you want without worrying about losing battery power. You can't study without some breaks for screen time, now can you?

    18. Watch your study session pass by with a wooden sandglass timer. Sometime's it's helpful to set an amount of time to study, so a visual timer will ensure you use every second wisely.

    19. This gallon-sized water bottle will keep you hydrated, and you won't waste time refilling it when you could be studying.

    20. Not to be cheesy, but Kraft Dinner is an unsung hero to students across the nation. They might as well call it "the food you eat while you study," because it's quick and easy to make, and also because it's so darn good!

    21. Last but not least, keep your studying schedule on track with a dry erase calendar. Easy to write and wipe, all while being the perfect reminder that good grades come to those who study!

    What you'll be like after studying with these products: