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"SNL" Finally Addressed Pete Davidson's Absence This Season And Wow, What A Burn

Blink and you would have missed it.

Ever since he and Ariana Grande got together (and subsequently got engaged, then broke up), Pete Davidson's personal life has become a backdrop for his role on SNL.

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So after he was noticeably absent from the show's recent season premiere, and then second episode, his coworkers took it upon themselves to catch everyone up on Pete's personal life.

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As it turns out, Pete spent the show's season premiere with the cast of the new Suicide Squad, which director James Gunn casually revealed on Instagram, while sharing a photo from their outing.

That was during the first SNL episode this season. During the second, Pete was apparently filming Suicide Squad, as Deadline notes.

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But Pete's SNL buddies didn't explain his absence as directly. Instead of, you know, mentioning how he's just been ramping up his film career, Pete got truly burned.

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During "Weekend Update," Colin Jost explained Pete's whereabouts, describing him as “a man who drove his car to a music festival and still cannot remember where he parked his car, a week after the show.”

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“Well, we hope you make it back soon, Pete,” Colin added, without acknowledging whether or not Pete will be back this season.

Pete Davidson right now:

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