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Pete Davidson Joked About Breaking Up With Ariana Grande On "SNL" And It's Awkward AF

In the season premiere of Saturday Night Live, Pete joked about getting a prenup and switching Ariana's birth control for Tic Tacs.

So, if you haven't been on the internet in the last 12 hours, it's my sad duty to tell you that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have APPARENTLY broken up.

According to reports by TMZ, the couple split over the weekend "with both parties acknowledging that it simply was not the right time for their relationship to take off".

Despite the news still yet to be confirmed, obviously there were a ton of reactions to the rumours on Twitter.


Ariana Grande may have broken up with Pete Davidson but the song “pete davidson” is still a bop

But amongst the reactions, a video from the premiere episode of Saturday Night Live re-emerged, where Pete Davidson joked about breaking up with Ariana. As you can probably imagine in light of the current rumours, it's awkward AF.

i love ariana grande dont get me wrong, but just pete davidson y’all :/

In the Weekend Update segment of the show, which aired on 29 September, Pete first joked about wanting a prenup when the couple got married, saying: "God forbid we split up and she takes half my sneakers."

When Colin Jost then brought up the song that Ariana named after Pete on her latest album, Pete responded: "You know, I don't even get royalties for that 'Pete Davidson' song?"

"If we break up, and we won't — we will — but we won't," he joked, "but like in 10 years if, god forbid that ever happened, there will be a song called 'Pete Davidson' playing in speakers at Kmart and I'll be working there."

In the same segment, Pete also joked that he had switched Ariana's birth control with Tic Tacs, saying he wanted to "make sure that she can't go anywhere". The comments were met with criticism on Twitter, with people calling out the joke for its insensitivity.

Hey Pete Davidson, can you not make creepy and uncalled for jokes about switching your fiancé’s birth control with tic tacs? Let’s not normalize that disgusting manipulation. #snl #weekendupdate #petedavidson

Apparently Pete Davidson thinks it’s ok to make jokes about switching Ariana’s birth control with tic-tacs?? Really? At this stage in the game this dude can no longer call these jokes.

Meanwhile, in the midst of all this drama, Pete has deleted his Instagram account again.

Update | Pete Davidson deleted his instagram account and Ariana unfollowed him

You can watch the segment in full here.

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