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    Pete Davidson Talked About Ariana Grande, The Breakup, And The Song "Pete Davidson" On "SNL"

    "Sometimes things just don't work out."

    So, obviously you know that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have split.

    Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images

    And on Tuesday, Pete joked about the called-off engagement, pretending to propose to Maggie Rogers in a promo for Saturday Night Live on Tuesday...

    ɢᴇᴛ ᴇxᴄɪᴛᴇᴅ! @JonahHill hosts #SNL this week with musical guest @maggierogers!

    ...which led to Ariana dragging Pete on Twitter (she deleted these, but I screenshotted them because drama deserves to be preserved forever):

    After that, Pete went on SNL and addressed the break-up.

    He said he knows everyone's curious about what happened:

    NBC /

    He said sometimes things just don't work out:

    NBC /

    He said Ariana is a wonderful person and he wishes her well.

    NBC /

    And then added this important message.

    NBC /

    Oh, and about that "Pete Davidson" song on Ariana's album, it looks like Pete still thinks it's great.

    NBC /

    Ugh, never a dull moment.


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