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How Much School Spirit Do You *Actually* Have?

We've got spirit — how 'bout you?! Round Two of #TinderU #SwipeOff results are now in, and the campus with the highest Swipe Right score wins a free concert with Juice Wrld and Charli XCX!

Are You Meant For The East Or West Coast?

Everyone has a coast that speaks to their soul. Which is yours? Don’t miss the ultimate East vs. West showdown (that could win your school a free Juice Wrld concert)! #TinderU #SwipeOff starts today!

11 Things You’ll Understand If You Learn By Doing Vs. Reading

Doers: doing what doers do best! Wanna do more? Texas State Technical College offers a wide range of degrees that allow students to get hands-on.

11 Unreal, LOL-Worthy Moments Anyone In A Long-Term Relationship Will Understand

Relationships... They're a whole lot of adjectives! Catch every moment of Sharon and Rob's relatable antics when Catastrophe returns for season 4 on Friday, March 15, on Amazon Prime Video.

How "Catastrophe" Is Portraying The Most Realistic Relationship On Television

Love happens in a lot of different ways. Catastrophe is showing us the funniest. All episodes of Season 4 drop on Amazon Prime Video Friday, March 15.

9 People Share The Secrets They Wish They Knew Before Starting College

Planning for college can feel like a lot, but it doesn't have to. Don't believe us? Take it from real-life college grads. And let Sallie Mae offer a helping hand in your planning today!

Can You Make It Through This List Of Very Specific College Scholarships Without Saying "OMG"?

When a collection of scholarships this niche exists, there’s gotta be one out there for you. Visit today to take advantage of their scholarship search tool!

Vegans Traveling To LA, This Restaurant Roundup Has You Covered

I'm not saying Los Angeles is the vegan capital of the US, but I'm not saying it's not. You know?

Kyle Davis • One month ago

12 Clutch Items You Need To Pack For Your LA Vacation

You know that sunscreen is going to be first on this list. You know it!

Kyle Davis • One month ago

Which Of Amy Sedaris’s Characters From "At Home With Amy Sedaris" Are You?

You don’t need your own wig collection to identify with the amazing characters of At Home With Amy Sedaris. Season 2 airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/8 p.m. MT on truTV.

13 Reasons We're Obsessed With "At Home With Amy Sedaris"

Irreverent, hilarious, and glittery to boot? If you've got a penchant for the offbeat and a cable subscription, At Home With Amy Sedaris is the show for you! Season 2 airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/8 p.m. MT on truTV.

Mash Up These Chainsmokers And 5SOS Lyrics And We’ll Tell What Kind Of Music Fan You Are

The best things in life come in pairs! Snag your tickets today for The Chainsmokers’ World War Joy Tour with 5 Seconds of Summer and Lennon Stella!

10 People Share The Nicest Thing Anyone’s Ever Done To Help Them

Kindness is always around us; with State Farm®, an agent is here to help lend you a hand in a time of need. Catch This Is Us every Tuesday at 9/8c on NBC. In partnership with NBCUniversal.

11 Ways To Make Your Excuse For Forgetting Valentine’s Day Sound More Legit

Love: a sacred union between two people consistently making excuses for their actions toward one another. <3

Kyle Davis • 2 months ago

Make Some "This Is Us" Decisions And We'll Tell You Which Couple You Should Road-Trip With

Every road-tripper needs a dependable copilot. With a State Farm® agent, you can bet they are here to help ensure you are covered for your road trip. Catch This Is Us every Tuesday at 9/8c on NBC. In partnership with NBCUniversal.

11 Places Virginia Beach Locals Don't Want You To Know About

The best way to vacation is to do it like a local. In Virginia Beach, you'll find familiar comfort and breathtaking adventure all at once.

9 Reasons Fall Is Actually The Best Time To Visit Virginia Beach

Though the appeal of Virginia Beach is certainly cross-seasonal, some activities are simply more enchanting set against the brisk, colorful backdrop of a Virginia autumn.

This Is What Santa's Reindeer Would Look Like As Dogs

But do you recall...the most famous mixed rescue of all?

Kyle Davis • 4 months ago

Here's What The Internet Would Look Like If It Were Actually Honest

There's a lot of gray matter on the web. With The Zebra's honest search engine, you'll receive auto insurance quotes in black and white.