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6 Effective Methods For Demonstrating Your Pride From Home

Pride is inclusive; Pride is pro-Black and pro-trans. The only way to effectively celebrate Pride is to ensure it's as inclusive and supportive as possible.

1. Do your research.

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To properly celebrate Pride is to truly understand the origins of the movement. Get acquainted with the Black, queer members of the LGTBQ+ community — such as the trailblazing Marsha P. Johnson — who risked their lives in the name of progress.

2. Reach out to those who might feel particularly vulnerable right now.

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Pride provides a veritable opportunity to lift up and celebrate marginalized communities. This is a great chance for white members of the queer community to use their privilege to elevate the voices and experiences of their Black brothers and sisters.

3. Ensure that you're doing the work to be an effective ally.

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When it comes to allyship, there is a right way to provide support. Venture beyond posting on social media and take action — donate, raise awareness, make calls to government officials, and, if you're comfortable, participate in protests when it's safe to do so. Remember: Pride is political, and it calls for white LGBTQ+ people to stand in solidarity with other marginalized voices inside and out of the queer spectrum.

4. Set up a group video chat.

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Get your closest queer friends and allies together to celebrate Pride in whatever way feels most meaningful to you. Right now, feelings of community and togetherness are coveted sensations. Pride is the perfect time to connect with members of your community and to offer one another emotional support.

5. Divert your funds toward LGBTQ+ businesses and charities.

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Perhaps you'd normally dish out a decent amount of cash on Pride celebrations in your city; this year, think about reallocating those funds toward queer and ally charities, or purchase Pride supplies from small LGBTQ+ and allied-owned businesses rather than large corporations with zero ties to the community.

6. Educate yourself, and then educate others.

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In order to be an actively helpful part of the queer community, it's essential to take active steps towards combatting some of its most insidious issues. Once you feel like you've put in some work for yourself, there are many constructive ways to enlighten those around you. Whether it's via your social channels, over video chat in your social circles, or at home with your current quarantine crew, don't be afraid to speak up in support of the LGBTQ+ community — and minority groups within and beyond it — in order to provoke thoughtful conversation.

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