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    17 Of The Best Socks You Can Get On Amazon Canada

    Let's talk about socks, baby.

    1. These moisture-wicking YUEDGE socks that are designed to prevent blisters and reduce foot pressure. They have built-in compression material (to support your arch) and elasticity (to keep them from falling down).

    2. These bestselling compression socks that nurses, athletes, pregnant people, and a BuzzFeed editor swear by. They're designed for people who are on their feet all day by helping to reduce swelling and improve circulation.

    3. These vintage style knit socks that will keep your feet toasty all winter long. They're made with a mix of wool and cotton materials that are non-itch and super breathable.

    4. These bestselling Hanes athletic crew socks that have a reenforced heel and toe for extra durability. Reviewers say they keep their feet warm without making them sweaty.

    5. This bundle of art history socks that include everything from the "Mona Lisa" to Van Gogh's "Starry Night."

    6. These bestselling no-show liner socks that have an ultra low-cut design to look invisible when wore in flats or heels. They have non-slip silicone strips so you won't have to worry about them sliding off your heels.

    7. These copper-infused ankle socks that have a thick ankle tab to prevent blisters. They're made with copper yarn, which has natural antimicrobial properties that will help protect against bacteria, keeping your feet smelling fresh all day long.

    8. This bundle of men's novelty crew socks that are a great conversation starter. Reviewers keep raving about how they keep their shape and colour after multiple washes and that they always get compliments on them.

    9. These compression sock sleeves designed specifically for people suffering from plantar faciitis. The socks use targeted compression to increase circulation and support the foot arch, heel, and ankle. Reviewers say they really work and have given them relief from their swollen and aching feet.

    10. These thermal hiking socks that have cushioning from heel to toe to help reduce rubbing and prevent your feet from aching, chafing, and getting blisters.

    11. These novelty ankle socks that will make sure you get your daily dose of fruits and vegetables. They have a no-show style and won't shrink in the wash.

    12. These crew socks made with bamboo that will minimize odours and keep your feet dry. They have a lot of stretch to them and a smooth seam on the toe area that won't feel bulky in your shoes or boots.

    13. These vibrant cotton crew socks that will be sure to brighten up your day. They have elastics cuffs that will rest comfortably on your shins and won't dig in like other socks.

    14. These Under Armour quarter ankle socks that will give you the support you need when working out. They are super flexible and made with quick-dry materials.

    15. These cotton mesh no-show socks that are designed for low-profile shoes, like sneakers or running shoes. They are made of a cotton and Spandex blend and will let your feet breathe without slipping off your heel.

    16. These no-skid toeless socks designed for yoga, pilates, barre, ballet, and dance. They will keep your feet from sliding on hardwoods or workout mats without losing flexibility.

    17. And finally, these cotton pepperoni pizza socks that look like they were baked "from scratch" and even come delivered in a pizza box. Reviewers say that they were impressed with the quality and that they were a big hit as a gift.

    You showing off your new socks *and* wicked calfs to all your friends: