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    Taylor Swift Fans Aren't Happy With Justin And Hailey Bieber After They Appeared To Mock Her On Instagram

    "Justin Bieber mentioning Taylor Swift yet again for the clout."

    Fans of Taylor Swift aren't happy with Justin and Hailey Bieber after they appeared to mock the singer during a recent livestream on Instagram.

    In the livestream, Justin can be seen yelling, "It's not the banana that I wanted! It has no head!" Meanwhile, Hailey laughs and says, "That was so funny."

    📹 IG | Justin Bieber mocks Taylor Swift’s post lasik surgery video from @FallonTonight where she is upset about bananas on his recent Instagram livestream

    The whole thing is a reference to the video of a post–Lasik surgery Taylor Swift getting emotional over a banana, which was aired on the Tonight Show on Thursday.

    And fans would probably let it go, if it wasn't for the fact that Justin was a major player in this summer's drama between Swift and Justin's manager, Scooter Braun.

    It was announced in June that Scooter Braun's company, Ithaca Holdings, had acquired Swift's old record label Big Machine for $300 million. Swift responded to the news with a Tumblr post, calling it her "worst nightmare".

    In the post, Swift referenced the moment Scooter Braun's client, Justin Bieber, posted a FaceTime screenshot of himself laughing with Kanye West with the caption: "Taylor Swift what up".

    The post came after Swift's infamous feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West — another client of Braun's at the time — which resulted in her taking an extended break from the public eye.

    So it's safe to say Swifties aren't very happy about the prospect of Justin Bieber making fun of Taylor again.

    taylor swift: i have a problem with justin bieber because he bullied me on insta justin bieber: i am not a bully :( say sorry also justin bieber: makes fun of taylor at every opportunity, jumps onto bandwagon hate against taylor, makes long ass posts on instagram about taylor

    Plenty of them referenced the fact that, after Taylor published her Tumblr post calling out him and Braun, Bieber posted on Instagram, apologising for the FaceTime screenshot but saying Swift was simply attempting to "get sympathy" with her post.

    He wrote:

    What were you trying to accomplish by posting that blog? seems to me like it was to get sympathy u also knew that in posting that your fans would go and bully scooter. Anyway, One thing i know is both scooter and i love you. I feel like the only way to resolve conflict is through communication. So banter back and fourth online i dont believe solves anything.

    And now, people are pointing out, he's gone back to mocking her online again.

    i'm not taylor swift's biggest fan but i fucking respect her, she has everything she has because she fought for it, and this little asshole justin bieber a few months ago was begging for her forgiveness and now is making fun of her again?

    Justin Bieber, 2023, probably: “Hey Taylor, first of all, I would like to apologize for posting that hurtful Instagram Live. At the time I thought it was funny but looking back it was distasteful and insensitive” 🙄🙄🙄

    justin bieber mentioning taylor swift yet again for the clout

    But while Justin himself hasn't responded to criticism from Taylor Swift fans, someone has: Justin's wife, Hailey.

    After the Biebers' Instagram live, one Swiftie posted a video of YouTuber As Told By Kenya talking about Hailey, calling her "a flop" and saying she has "no career".

    if i could emphasize a video 1000x over i would xx @haileybieber

    (The girl in the video is not the same person as the girl who posted the tweet.)

    And Hailey took it upon herself to respond.

    I never knew I could make somebody so upset.. truly I’m so sorry you’re THIS upset?! Lord have mercy I hope I’m never this upset about someone I don’t know!!

    She continued to say while she thinks "it's awesome how passionate" the fan is about Taylor, "being angry at someone you don't know does nothing for you".

    @myyylover listen. I think it’s awesome how passionate you are and how hard you ride for someone you’re a fan of, it’s beautiful how dedicated you are. If there’s something I did to personally hurt you or offend you I’m sorry, it’s not my intention to upset you by any means.

    @myyylover but being angry at someone you don’t know does nothing for you. I know cause I been there.. all it’s gonna do is make you miserable. Don’t let ME of all people get you feeling that way. Trust me, I’m not worth the energy, nobody should be worth that energy!

    "Don’t let ME of all people get you feeling that way," Hailey wrote. "Trust me, I’m not worth the energy, nobody should be worth that energy!"

    But it's safe to say Swifties weren't here for her message.

    @haileybieber @myyylover You still haven’t explained why your husband is making fun of Taylor without a proper reason. We would have nothing bad to say if you and him didn’t do something problematic EVERY SINGLE DAY. Why can’t you just enjoy your time together instead of making people mad? I’m curious.

    And pointed out Hailey and Justin were "putting energy" into making fun of someone they don't know.

    @haileybieber @myyylover ...are you not putting all that energy into mocking someone? 🙄

    @haileybieber @myyylover Then stop laughing and mocking Taylor. Focus on your marriage, friends, family and modeling career instead.

    Representatives for Justin and Hailey Bieber have been contacted for comment.