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August 29, 2019

26 Genius Teacher Supplies That Will Start The School Year Right

Attention parents: buy these for the teacher in your life now.

17 Posts That Were Funny Enough To Actually Make Me Chuckle At My Desk

Even if it was just a chuckle, I actually laughed at each of these.

Which Guy From "H2O: Just Add Water" Are You?

Sadly, not everyone can be a mermaid.

Jennifer Lopez Celebrated Turning 50 With A Tour, But People Didn't Understand Why

"It was important as a woman to do that; to let people know that you don’t get to write women off at a certain point in their life."

These Scientists Know How Bad The Amazon Fires Could Get. They Saw It Burn 20 Years Ago

“I’ve just tried to tell them the story — it’s a bad year,” one expert said. “This is what happens when deforestation gets out of hand.”

The New Host Of “Blue’s Clues” Knows You Think He’s A Hottie And He’s Very Flattered

People on Twitter have never been thirstier for a children’s TV host.

14 Productos que te harán decirle a Amazon México: ¡Toma todo mi dinero!

Advertencia: este post puede hacer que te quedes pobre.

Provamos o pavê da Rachel de Friends

E este foi o resultado.

A Teen Is A Child Pornographer For Sexting A Video Of Herself To Her Friends, A Court Ruled

For the first time, the Maryland Court of Appeals said it had to grapple with applying the state’s child pornography law to minors who consensually engage in sexting.

31 Things From Walmart That’ll Help Make Life Less Of A Pain

Life doesn't have to be so annoying all the time.

All The Best Deals At Walmart Right Now

Save on ~summer faves~ at their Labor Day sale, plus deals on writing desks, TV's, storage containers, a carpet cleaner, and more!

Este deputado não se conteve quando a banda punk Devotos tocou na Assembleia de Pernambuco

"Punk rock hardcore / Sabe onde é que faz? / Lá no Alto Zé do Pinho / É do..."

The Trump Administration Wants To Start DNA Testing Undocumented Immigrants In Government Custody

A draft rule, seen by BuzzFeed News, said hundreds of thousands of people could have their DNA collected each year if it is fully implemented.

O Kim e o Eduardo Bolsonaro estão brigando por causa da lei das fake news

Após ser criticado, Kim chamou Eduardo de covarde e o desafiou para um debate.

The US Is Doing Everything It Can To Make Central America Its Southern Border

Brenda Rivera and her three children are fleeing Honduras, but every step of the way face new hurdles because of Trump's anti-immigrant policies. BuzzFeed News followed her journey.

Pete Buttigieg Has Cooled Off But His Campaign Says It’s Time For “Phase Three”

“You have to keep that fire lit, and that’s really hard to do.”

What Type Of Potato Are You?

Baked potato or sweet potato fries?

Just 36 Random Products We Really Love

A (cheap!) face mask subscription service, a tee for people who are constantly overthinking things, a pillow anyone with a hot head will want to own, and other products we (the BuzzFeed Shopping & Products team) truly adore.

Are You More Like Ariana Grande Or Camila Cabello

Either way, you're a pop princess.

Maya Hawke Found Out Robin On "Stranger Things" Was An LGBTQ Character After Filming Began

"[In] my wildest dreams all I could want was for [fans] to fall in love with her the way I did."

Nearly 900 Immigrants Had The Mumps In Detention Centers In The Last Year

ICE detainees are at “incredibly huge risk” of getting mumps, one expert said.

This Indigenous Tribe In The Amazon Survived Forced Labor And Epidemics. Now Their Land Is On Fire.

BuzzFeed News Brazil traveled to the state of Amazonas, where members of the Tenharim community are attempting to put out a fire that's been burning for six days.

33 Books You’ve Got To Read This Autumn

The sequel to Call Me by Your Name, new Margaret Atwood, Ta-Nehisi Coates's debut novel, and more! Time to smash that preorder button.

Eles sobreviveram a epidemias e trabalho escravo; agora, a ameaça é o fogo na Amazônia

O BuzzFeed News percorreu a Transamazônica de Porto Velho até a Terra Indígena Tenharim Marmelos, no coração da floresta.

A Reminder Of What "The Dark Crystal" Is About Before The New Netflix Show Drops

Get ready for Netflix's new series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

15 People Who Lied On Their Résumé And Instantly Regretted It After They Got Hired

Co-worker: "Hey, you said you're fluent in Spanish, right? Can you translate for me?"

14 Insanely Simple Sheet Pan Dinners You Need To Try

The best part? You'll only need to wash one dish.

Like Most Slang, ‘Sksksksk’ Originated In Black And LGBTQ Communities

Like most slang, this fave phrase of VSCO girls originated in the black community.

Você é uma deusa, uma louca ou uma feiticeira?

Que você é demais a gente já sabe!

James Comey Won't Face Charges For Sharing Memos About His Interactions With Trump

"Comey set a dangerous example for the over 35,000 current FBI employees — and the many thousands more former FBI employees — who similarly have access to or knowledge of non-public information," the DOJ inspector general's office wrote.

¿Eres una abuela atrapada en el cuerpo de una joven?

Si tienes más achaques que planes para ese fin de semana, ya te imaginarás tu resultado.

Here Are 27 Facts About Maya Hawke That Are Simply The Best

"I want to be a Gryffindor like we all want to be a Gryffindor."

Monte uma barca de açaí e te diremos qual figurinha do Zap é você

Açaí e figurinhas são as instituições que movem o Brasil.

Ve de compras a Costco y te adivinaremos tu edad exacta

También vas a pasar a comer muchas pruebas gratis. ;)

17 Hunde-Menschen, die beweisen, dass die Menschheit nicht völlig verloren ist

Wenn es solche Menschen gibt, dann gibt's auch noch Hoffnung.

La representación latina es muy baja en Hollywood y este estudio tiene las estadísticas para probarlo

Sin Cameron Díaz, Jennifer López y Eugenio Derbez casi, casi, ni nos tomarían en cuenta.

"Friends" Hasn't Aged Well

Friends' 25th anniversary is in September, but here's the thing — this show has always been awful.

Kirsten Dunst Opened Up About Feeling Overlooked By Her Hollywood Peers

The star of Bring It On and Marie Antoinette admitted she sometimes feels sad she's never won a major acting award.

18 Fascinating Photos From Inside Some Of The Oldest Universities In The World

“Walking through the buildings, I became acutely aware of the remnants of the people who have inhabited these spaces.”

Sua opinião sobre torradas determinará sua personalidade

A verdade está na torrada, meus caros.

She Was Ordered To Pay Damages And Apologize To The Man Who Allegedly Assaulted Her — So She Left The Country

Shailja Patel accused a fellow writer of sexual assault. Five years later, she’s in hiding in another country.

YouTube Reinstated A Prominent European White Nationalist After He Appealed His Removal

The video platform said it was a "mistake" to remove the channels of Martin Sellner and another far-right personality known as "the Iconoclast," but wouldn't explain what happened.

People Shared 18 Things They'll Never Stop Complaining About, And All Of These Had Me Saying, "This Is A Fact"

I laughed so hard at these, but then I realized that I also highkey agree.

What Animal Is Your Personality Most Similar To?

Find out what furry friend you'd be in another life.

28 Pieces From Walmart That'll Probably Make You Want To Layer All Fall

Everything you need to layer to your heart's (and outfit's) content.

9 livros para você dar de presente para a feminista da sua vida

As mulheres têm muito o que dizer e todos nós temos muito o que ler.

We Want You To Tell Us The Stories About The Weird Shit Your Roommate Does

Do you live with someone who loves the sound of their own terrible singing voice?

Menschen, die Fehlgeburten erlitten haben, erzählen, was sie sich von anderen wünschen

„Am Ende stehst du mit leeren Händen da und weißt nicht mehr, wer du bist.“

27 Products From Walmart To Help Beautify Your Bathroom

Who needs expensive spa visits when your bathroom basically *is* a spa?

Taylor Swift's New Album Signals The End Of Her Celebrity Feuds And Drama, And It's The Best She's Ever Sounded

Rather than tracks about vengeance and feuds, Lover is packed with self-aware love songs and political statements — and it seems Taylor wants to keep it that way.

Incoming: One Singular Sensation

Boris Johnson's extreme measures, Gillibrand drops out, the student TikTok strike. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Aug. 29.

Let's Find Out If Your Crush Likes You Back Or Not

🤞🏻 Hope they like you back 🤞🏻

乳房を切除する手術を受けたら停学処分に… あるトランスジェンダー男性のケース


15 objetos coloridos para dar aquela animada na sua cozinha

Porque ninguém aguenta mais o combo branco + alumínio, né?

Texts With Donald Trump's New Challenger: (Woke?) Joe Walsh

In The Stakes 2020, BuzzFeed News' newsletter about the 2020 campaign, former congressman Joe Walsh talks about his worst tweets and insists he's not challenging Trump for attention.

22 Stress Relievers To Help You Get Through The School Year

Even if you're not a student or teacher, these products can help you breathe a big ol' sigh of relief all year round.

8 cadernos para começar um diário em tópicos

Qualquer caderno serve, mas com esses aqui fica mais fácil criar um sistema digno de Pinterest.







20 Products That'll Help Upgrade Your Life For Under $25

A travel makeup kit, a game-changing baking pan, genius reading glasses, and more cool and affordable finds to help you live your best life.

Just 8 Of The Coolest Socks You Can Buy On Amazon

Put a sock in it (your shopping list, that is).

11 Products Under ₹500 That Will Never Not Be Useful

If you're trying your hand at adulting, you need all of these.

12 Of The Best-Rated Sunglasses On Amazon That Are Actually Cheap AF

If you break or lose glasses every other month like me, this list is essential before this summer.

Teens Are Using Instagram To Cast Each Other In Fake Broadway Shows

“It’s just a great place to talk about theater,” one teen told BuzzFeed News of the Instagram musical theater community, “because you don’t really get that in school, because a lot of people aren’t really into it.”







21 Secrets To Taking Insta-Worthy Photos While You're Travelling Around The Globe

It's all about waking up early and getting creative.

Australia Asked Papua New Guinea To Release A Sick Asylum Seeker. It Won't.

Doctors and lawyers say they have lost contact with the men detained in Port Moresby.

Travis Scott's Reaction To Kylie Jenner's Ultrasound Is So Pure

He was in dad mode even before Stormi's arrival.

Where Do You Stand On These Controversial Disney Live Action Opinions?

Do you love the Emma Watson version of Belle, or the cartoon version of Belle?



Just 33 Things You Can Only Get At Nordstrom

🎶 I'm a Nordie's girl, in a Nordie's world. Life in Savvy, it's so classy.🎶

California Is Considering The Strictest Vaccine Law In The Country After Anti-Vaxxers Gamed The System

Most states allow a variety of exemptions to vaccine laws, but that's not enough to keep kids safe, says the doctor behind the California bill.



We Can Guess What Your Favorite Season Is Based On The Foods You Choose

Because obviously, summer season is the BEST season.

The Government Just Lost In Court Over Refugee Medical Transfers

But refugees cannot ask the courts to order for transfers to Australia.

I Bet You Can't Get Higher Than A 50% On This Guessing Quiz

It's time to put those estimation skills to the test!

This "High Score" Disney Quiz Will Test Your Disney Movie Knowledge

Answer these Disney trivia questions...IF YOU DARE.

17 Drag Queens From Down Under That Need To Be On "RuPaul's Drag Race"

Courtney Act walked so these queens could strut.

Which TV Show Is Kind Of Bad, But Honestly So Good?

I just can't stop watching Riverdale.

An Asylum-Seeking Mom Who Applied For A Special Visa For Victims Of Violence Is About To Be Deported Anyway

"I just want a chance. ... I'm afraid I'll be killed if I'm sent back to El Salvador."

30 Beauty Products That Are Under $5 And Worth Every Penny

Nothing more ~beautiful~ than saving moolah.

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