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August 19, 2019

This Floating Tent Is Frickin' Scary And Twitter Is Mocking It Pretty Hard

"WILSOONNNNNN!" —you, waking up after sleeping in this floating tent

There's A Plan To Ban Sex-Selective Abortions In NSW. Some Experts Are Warning Against It.

"Sex-selection abortion bans come from the toolbox of the anti-abortion movement."

This Mom Accidentally Voice-To-Texted A Diaper Change And It Is Too Funny

"My pregnancy and child have brought up a ton of horrible do we have a poop uhoh poop poop poop poop poop poop."

31 People Who Are Struggling Through 2019 So Far

"I think I just got Naruto-zoned."

An Influencer Is Defending Her Decision To Post A Photo Shoot Of Her Motorcycle Accident On Instagram

Nashville-based lifestyle blogger Tiffany Mitchell denies her mid-accident photo shoot was staged or sponsored.

We Can Guess Which Jonas Brother You Have A Crush On In 5 Questions

Play "That Should Be Me" by Justin Bieber.

The Rock Just Got Married — Here Are A Bunch Of Fun And Interesting Facts About His New Wife

She is the daughter of drummer Sib Hashian from the band Boston.

Are You More Like A Cactus Or An Aloe Vera Plant?

What did the cactus say to the aloe vera? Aloe-ve you so much.

This Artist Edits Famous Celebrities To Look Punk And It'll Probably Make Your Entire Week

If you were ever curious about how the Stranger Things cast would look tatted...

A 19-Year-Old Was Arrested After Allegedly Threatening To Shoot Up An Abortion Clinic On iFunny

The 19-year-old from Chicago is the second user of the meme-sharing site in less than a week to be arrested for allegedly making violent threats.

Qual série do Ryan Murphy é você?

Tem pra todos os gostos!

Favorito para a PGR listou artrose e idade como motivos para ficar com dinheiro ganho indevidamente

Antonio Carlos Simões Martins Soares, que pode ser escolhido o novo procurador-geral da República por Bolsonaro, também alegou que agiu de boa-fé ao receber indevidamente R$ 74 mil de licença-prêmio.



The #DMXChallenge Proves That Black Girls Are The Most Versatile People On The Planet

"Me getting potential new hairstyle ideas from the #DMXChallenge."

This High School Grad Was Left Out Of Her Yearbook Because She Wore A Tux

The school has since agreed to reprint the yearbook with Holley Gerelds included.

Incêndios no Paraguai e na Bolívia também ajudaram a escurecer o céu de São Paulo

Fumaça dos incêndios nesses países e no Brasil se juntou aos ventos da frente fria, provocando fenômeno na capital. Tempo melhora na quarta-feira, diz InMet.

Tasty Recipes Are Now Shoppable Through Walmart Grocery And Now Life Is A Bit Easier

Love cooking but hate shopping for groceries? Boy, do I have news for you.

21 Easy Dip Recipes Perfect For Your Next Party

Because dips are the best kind of party food.

Which TV Couple Has The Greatest "I Love You" Moment?

"So, pick me. Choose me. Love me."

30 Useful Desk Products To Help You Get Through Your Workday

"Look at this stuff. Isn't it neat?" —You showing off your useful products to your coworkers.

Kate Middleton Is Quite Possibly The Most Animated Person That Ever Lived

Just try and get through this post without smiling.

Every Single One Of These Dresses From Walmart Is Under $30, So You're Welcome

You'll probably still have some cash left over to accessorize.

Thousands Of Accounts Linked To The Chinese Government Have Been Kicked Off Of Social Media

The decision to pull the accounts comes after BuzzFeed News and other outlets reported that Chinese state-run media outlets were running ads about Hong Kong on Facebook and Twitter.

Planned Parenthood Will Withdraw From A Federal Funding Program Because Of An Abortion "Gag Rule"

The organization announced Monday it would forgo federal dollars rather than abide by a rule that created barriers for family planning organizations that discuss or provide abortions.

The Woman Who Was Tried Twice For Having A Stillbirth Has Been Acquitted

Evelyn Hernández was put on trial — again — last week for aggravated murder after she delivered a stillborn in 2016. After weeks of uncertainty, a judge ruled on Monday that she was innocent.

Este quiz te dirá qué tan buena es tu memoria a corto plazo

Veamos cuántos detalles puedes recordar en pocos segundos.

21 Things From The '00s That Made Me Realise I Was Gay

And life was forever gay from then.

Frango agridoce com abacaxi

Uma delícia da culinária asiática.

33 Products That Are Almost Too Darn Clever

Whether funny or functional, these products are all really clever... maybe a little too clever.

Productos de menos de $350 para comprar en Amazon ahoritita

Las ofertas más buenas, bonitas y baratas del día.

31 Mini detalles de "Harry Potter" que hasta a los más puros de sangre se les fueron

En "El prisionero de Azkaban", puedes ver a Newt Scamander en el Mapa del Merodeador.

British Diplomats Are Now Getting Ready For A No-Deal Brexit Dress Rehearsal

Exclusive: The exercise has been code-named “Exercise Yellow Rehearse”.

Esta simulación de la secundaria te dirá dónde estarás en 5 años

Dicen que la secundaria son los mejores años de tu vida... ¿será?

The NYPD Fired The Officer Who Killed Eric Garner With A Chokehold

"An officer's choices and actions, even made under extreme pressure, matter," the NYPD police commissioner said Monday.

Have You Seen These Ads About Hong Kong's Protests? China Certainly Hopes You Have.

As the Hong Kong protests continue, Chinese state media outlets are hoping paid ads on Facebook and Twitter will shift the narrative online.

Having A Baby Meant Making Friends With Straight People

Becoming a parent has changed my queer friendships and led me to a new community where I never expected to find one.

Você consegue diferenciar os gêmeos Flávio e Gustavo um do outro?

Grandes momentos da TV brasileira nos anos 2000!

Você é mais locadora ou mais Netflix?

Pra quem viveu o melhor de dois mundos.

15 Parents Who Have Reached Their Breaking Point

Tip: Don't post about "getting d*ck" when your mom follows you.

Estas fotos mostram o quão hardcore foi o início da cena do skate na Califórnia

"Não importa o seu sexo ou idade, quando você pega um skate, você ganha total liberdade, e isso é inacreditável."

7 Karriere-Tipps, die ich gern in meinen Zwanzigern bekommen hätte

Ein paar freundliche, erfahrene Ratschläge, wie du deine Karriere für dich *arbeiten* lassen kannst.

18 Formas horribles de cortar con alguien

"Fue la experiencia más horrible y mentalmente dañina de mi vida".

Contesta este quiz de "niño rico" y adivinaremos quién eras en tu grupito de amigos

También conocido como "escoge todas las cosas que deseaste tener cuando eras niño, pero tus papás nunca pudieron compararte".

23 Fun And Random Things We Learned About Snoh Aalegra

"I don't have any juicy secrets."

33 Minimalist Products That Are Anything But Boring

Gimme clean lines and sleek designs. All of them.

I'm Not Gonna Downplay It: Stephen Colbert's Words On Loss And Grief Will Make You Weep

It’s a gift to exist and with existence comes suffering. There’s no escaping that.

Tell Us The Most Outrageous Stories From One Of Your School Trips

What's the one incident that went down in school history?

Dwayne Johnson Just Casually Announced That He Got Married Over The Weekend

Johnson tied the knot with longtime partner Lauren Hashian in an oceanside ceremony in Hawaii on Sunday.

É muito importante que saibamos qual Vingador é sua alma gêmea

"O que eu tô vendo aqui é a bunda da América."

29 Cleaning Products That Work So Well, It'll Seem Like Magic

*looking at my rubber gloves in wonder* Am I.... a wizard?

Spend A Paycheck At Urban Outfitters To See Which "Euphoria" Character You Are

Eu·pho·ri·a — a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.



Create Your Very Own Restaurant To See Where You Need To Move ASAP

We've got things to eat and places to go!



32 unfassbar falsche Lektionen, die Leute in Sexualkunde gelernt haben

„Mir wurde gesagt, dass ich sowohl in den Knast, als auch in die Hölle kommen würde, wenn ich Sex hätte.“

Incoming: To All The Glaciers I've Melted Before

China's crackdown on Hong Kong protesters, a funeral in El Paso, Boris Johnson to meet European leaders. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Aug. 19.

Kim Kardashian Said She Would Do Anything For Paris Hilton Because "She Gave Me A Career"

"I really would wanna do anything for her. She literally gave me a career and I totally acknowledge that."

「クィア・アイ」見たいけど全部見てられない!って人へ 最新シーズンをまとめました




32 Ingeniously Upgraded Versions Of Common Products

A plasma lighter, LED gloves, snap-sheet bedding, and 29 other upgraded products that'll also upgrade your life.

What Movie Adaptation Of A Book Really Disappointed You?

Tell us about the silver screen renditions that totally let you down.



38 Products With Results That Genuinely Surprised Me

These'll give you the before-and-afters you deserve and paid for, gosh darn it.

「どんなに一生懸命働いても平等じゃない」 都職員、同性カップルにも同じ福利厚生を求める




富士そば、驚異の新メニュー「タピオカ丼」が話題に! なぜ生まれたのか? 味は? 値段は?


17 Vögel, denen deine Regeln egal sind

Fun Fact: Gänse kommen aus den Abgründen der Hölle.

How Much Are You Like Rachel Green From "Friends"?

Let's see how Ray-Ray Green you really are.

A Woman Who Hit Strangers With An Axe In A 7-Eleven Had Five Years Added To Her Sentence

Evie Amati will now spend at least eight years in prison.

Throw A Gatsby-Worthy Party And We'll Tell You Who Your Celebrity BFF Is

Super rich kids with nothing but fake friends.

New Zealand Said Australia’s Visa Cancellation Policy Is “A Rub” Between The Two Countries

“Only 1% of total deportations from New Zealand are to Australia, while more than 50% of total deportations from Australia are to New Zealand.”



25 Of The Most Devastating Celebrity Breakups Of All Time

No, I will not stop saying love is dead every time a famous couple breaks up.

「言えないことは身体が語る」 夏休み明け前後に増える自殺の要注意サイン


37 Things That Made Me Say "OMG Pretty!"

Brb, buying 'em all just to gaze at all day.

21 Cute 'N' Spooky Tattoos For Anyone Who Loves All Things Supernatural

Ghosts and cauldrons and tarot, OH MY!!!!!!!!

26 Small Things To Help Your Food Last So Much Longer

Which means you have to go to the grocery store less. 🙌

16 Dr. Spaceman Moments From "30 Rock" That Are All Funny, No Filter

"We have no way of knowing where the heart is. See, every human is different."

Decorate A Room To Find Out Which Dessert You Are

*adds interior designer to resume*

Are You "Dream Boy" Or "Watch What Happens Next" By Waterparks?

Everyone is one of Waterparks' recently released singles, "Dream Boy" or "Watch What Happens Next".

23 Funny Tweets About VSCO Girls (AKA The New Tumblr Girls)

"Every time I see a sunset, my inner VSCO girl comes out."

These Are The 17 Male K-R&B Artists You Need To Put On Your Playlist Right Now

Don't worry, we've got your starter kit right here.

33 Incredibly Cool Gadgets You Probably Haven't Seen Before

♫ I've got gadgets and gizmos aplenty ♫

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