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    These Are The 17 Male K-R&B Artists You Need To Put On Your Playlist Right Now

    Don't worry, we've got your starter kit right here.

    1. Dean - "Bonnie & Clyde"

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    DEANTRBL / YouTube

    With velvet-y vocals and a chic look, "Bonnie & Clyde" cemented Dean as one of the most prolific R&B artists in the Korean music industry today.

    2. Crush - "none (넌)"

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    P-Nation / YouTube

    A well-known solo artist in Korea, Crush has hit it big with both his chart-topping R&B hits like "None" and soothing k-drama singles that will warm your heart this autumn.

    3. Penomeco - "Coco Bottle"

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    SM Entertainment / YouTube

    An artist on the rise, Penomeco has been consistently delivering quality content with his signature laid back style and tropical beats.

    4. FANXY CHILD - "Y"

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    KOZ Entertainment / YouTube

    Individually, they're amazing. Together, they're unstoppable. FANXY CHILD is the name of the music crew which includes artists Dean, Crush, Penomeco, Zico, and more. Their mission is to take the best parts of their artistry and bring it together to make fire hits like "Y".

    5. Eric Nam - "Potion"

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    CJE&M Music / YouTube

    Hailing all the way from the ATL, solo artist Eric Nam can do everything. He sings, writes, produces, hosts, acts, and he even has his own podcast (The K-pop Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam, if you haven't heard of it). "Potion" shows off all Eric has to offer: lilting vocals, heavy beats, and good vibes.

    6. pH-1 - "Donut (ft. Jay Park)"

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    H1ghr Music / YouTube

    With carefree lyrics and a wholesome image, pH-1 is an artist who rose to stardom in the Korea R&B music scene after participating in the rap competition program Show Me The Money. His music, like "Donut," combines light tunes with a sick flow.

    7. Offonoff - "Gold (ft. Dean)"

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    HIGHGRND / YouTube

    Composed of singer Colde and producer 0Channel, offonoff is a rising hip-hop duo that delivers aesthetically pleasing music videos and smooth, easy-listening tunes.

    8. Gaho - "Fly"

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    Planetarium Records / YouTube

    Wirth insane vocal talent and overflowing passion, new artist Gaho needs very little musical accompaniment to make every track he sings on golden.

    9. Villain - "Manitto (마니또)"

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    GENIE MUSIC / YouTube

    With incredible singing abilities and an impressive rap flow to match, Villian is another up-and-coming K-R&B artist that cannot be ignored. Seriously, just listen to "Manitto" and you'll see why.

    10. Jung Jin Woo - "She's Got Everything"

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    Planetarium Records / YouTube

    Yet another artist on the rise, Jung Jin Woo is a sultry singer who can belt with heart and conviction, imbuing intense emotion in every note in "She's Got Everything".

    11. PLT - "Blah"

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    Planetarium Records / YouTube

    Great R&B soloists tend to make even greater music groups — PLT is a group comprised of six soloists under Planetarium Records, including the 3 artists mentioned above. Every single one of the members has incredible solo discography that is worth checking out, but they've also produced some sick tracks together, like their debut single "Blah".

    12. DPR Live - "Know Me (ft. Dean)"

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    Dream Perfect Regime / YouTube

    DPR Live, a member of the music crew Dream Perfect Regime, is a a rapper who entered the mainstream music scene in 2017 with a long string of hit singles, immediately making an name for himself as a standout artist.

    13. Jay Park - "Me Like Yuh"

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    JAY PARK / YouTube

    Even if you know absolutely nothing about the K-R&B music scene, you've probably heard of Jay Park. Singer, Rapper, Dancer, Producer, CEO, Comedian, all-around performer; this guy is truly a legend.

    14. Sik-K - "Party (Shut Down) [ft. Crush]"

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    H1GHR Music / YouTube

    A rapper/singer who brings all the chill vibes to any party, Sik-K is a well-known Korean artist with a versatile discography and a signature sound.

    15. GroovyRoom - "Sunday (ft. Heize & Jay Park)"

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    H1ghr Music / THE CUT / YouTube

    GroovyRoom is a music producing duo that has collaborated with a number of popular Korean R&B artists, including several who are featured on this list.

    16. G.Soul - "Tequila (ft. Hoody)"

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    H1GHR MUSIC / YouTube

    G.Soul is an artist who trained for fifteen years before making his debut on the music scene. He's a perfect example of the phrase "practice makes perfect", because all of his songs are musical gold.

    17. Woodz - "Different"

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    1theK / YouTube

    Last but not least, Woodz (a.k.a. Luizy from M.O.L.A., Seungyoun from Uniq, and also part of the Produce X 101 boy group X1), is a soloist with a decorated music career and a talent to be recognized.

    18. M.O.L.A. - "My Way"

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    MOLA / YouTube

    A surprise addition to this list! We just had to mention this unofficial music crew because they like to fly under the radar. This group of friends includes Uniq/X1's Seungyoun and 15&'s Park Jimin and have produced some of the best K-R&B songs to date. Check out M.O.L.A. if you haven't already!