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    It's High Time We Gave Cat Teeth The Attention They Deserve

    Cat teeth aka teefies.

    Please raise your hand if you like toe beans.

    u/Sylvi2021 / Via

    Yeah, well, you're not alone, buddy. Everybody loves toe beans, including me. But toe beans aren't the only thing cats have to offer...

    For instance, have you ever seen cat teeth?

    u/siegeaye / Via

    That's right, cat teeth. I'm talkin' about cat teeth.

    u/00telperion00 / Via

    You know, the small needles in your cat's mouth? CAT TEETH.

    u/zook312 / Via

    If you still don't know what I'm talking about, you can click this link — it's a Google search for "cat teeth."

    u/sharkmew / Via

    Well, uh, I'm not sure if you've noticed but cat teeth are prettyyyy small.

    u/Grawlix5 / Via

    And pretty darn sharp.

    u/antioxidantal / Via

    And obviously pretty darn cute.

    u/Noname_Maddox / Via

    I just don't think cat teeth are getting enough credit these days.

    u/blindsublime / Via

    I mean, look at these things.

    u/greymanners / Via

    Let's isolate those canines — pretty good, right?

    u/MelonOfFury / Via

    But all together? The tiny ones between the canines? That's amore!

    u/chahud / Via

    I'm not knockin' toe beans here, believe me. But get a load of these things.

    u/Myurnix / Via

    Have you ever seen anything like it in your life?

    u/aceparote / Via

    Anyway, have a blessed day.

    u/ave_night / Via

    H/T: /r/teefies

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