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August 11, 2019

Eight Of These Fish Are Dangerous. Can You Pick The One That Isn't?

Be careful or you'll be sleeping with the fishes!

I'm Obsessed With Ice-T's Blunt, Honest Movie Reviews On Twitter

"I totally loved it... but I love robots and monsters."

Sorry Gen Z, There's No Way You Can Name 17 Of These Popular Cartoons

Sorry Gen Z, this quiz is for the big dogs.

Here Are 15 Celebrities You Probably Didn’t Know Are Also YouTubers

BRB, watching all of Zac Efron's YouTube videos.

19 Highly-Rated Products From Tarte To Buy During Their Friends & Family Sale

We're talking 25% or 30% off! *brings speakerphone to mouth* Snag your steals now!

Play This "Most Likely" Disney Princess Game And We'll Tell You Which Unofficial Princess You Are

Most likely to cry in the bathroom on her birthday: Ariel or Belle?

Emily Ratajkowski's Armpit Hair Is Causing A Controversy On Instagram

"Do your thing ladies, whatever it might be."

Build A House To See Which Color You Should Dye Your Hair

I bet you're all *dye*ing to take this quiz.

17 Frustrating Things People Who Meal Prep Will Deeply Understand

Meal prep is 75% searching for the right tupperware lid.

How Much Do You Really Know About Insect Life Spans?

Some of these insects are old enough to drink.

We Know What Type Of Friend You Are Based On What Clothes You Buy

Yes, your clothing choices say if you are a bully or a bestie. Don't debate me.

19 April Ludgate One-Liners From "Parks And Rec" That'll Always Be Funny, No Matter What

"If you spend more than $5 on wine, you are very stupid."

Lobster Is The Biggest Scam Of The Food World

The biggest scam of our century.

Two Men Took Down A Gunman Allegedly Attempting A Terrorist Attack At Their Mosque

Police praised the men for their courage in going up against a man with multiple guns.

Which "Criminal Minds" Character Are You Actually?

Are you more of a Spencer or a JJ?

2 pratos com camarão

As definições de comer rezando foram atualizadas.

Here's Everyone Who Should Be Cast If "Friends" Got Remade

Janice would be played by Cardi B, for a start.

39 Useful Products (If You Claim You Don't Need At Least One Of Them, You're Probably Lying)

I don't wanna accuse you of being a liar, but you might need to get an extinguisher (available below) 'cause your pants are on fire.

27 Tweets That Prove College Students Are Way Funnier Than The Rest Of Us

"The plagiarism section of the syllabus is the same for every class, almost as if it was copied...and...pasted???"

Do You Agree Or Disagree With These 25 Controversial '90s Kids Opinions?

Plastic furniture was one of the worst inventions ever and that's that on that.

21 Moms Who Hilariously Nailed Motherhood In A Single, Honest Tweet

"My kids' favorite place to go shopping for toys is the pile I just set aside for Goodwill."

Most People Can't Identify 20 Of The Muppets — Can You?

The most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, Muppetational image quiz you'll ever take!

15 Current Food Trends We're Deeeeefinitely Gonna Cringe At In A Few Years

"Seriously, who wants to eat food off a snow shovel?"

16 Mütter erzählen von ihrer Kaiserschnitt-Geburt – und sie sind alle Heldinnen

„Das Schlimmste war das Aufstehen danach. Mein Sohn war all das aber wert.“

30 That’ll Have People Saying “OMG, I Love Your Outfit"

Fishnet socks, heart sunglasses, an oversized cardigan, and 26 other things to help you rake in those compliments.

42 Underrated Romantic Comedies That Are Actually Really, Really Good

Now you'll never run out of things to watch.

17 Really Gross Things Kids Were Caught Doing

It's been confirmed. I will most certainly not be having children.

This High School Simulation Will Reveal Where You'll Be In 5 Years

Some say it's the best four years of your life!

25 Things That'll Finally Organize Your Overflowing Closet

Easy solutions for all your cluttered wardrobe woes.

20 Things That Real People Do To Feel Good About Their Bodies

"I write love letters to the parts of my body that I normally don't like."

21 Of The Best Teeth Whiteners You Can Get On Amazon

Get whiter and brighter teeth that'll last!

27 Pieces Of Summer Clothing That Look Even Better From Behind

Ventilation + style = the hot-weather dream come true.

31 Ways To Help Get Rid Of A Pimple In A Hurry

Stop, drop, and confront 👏 that 👏 zit 👏.

Which Color Should You Dye Your Hair?

It's time to switch it up.





39 Products That Say "But Wait; There's More!"

Multitaskers, secret second uses, hidden surprises, and more!




ローソンで見つけた「わらび餅で巻いたもち食感ロール(みたらしソース)」が最強の和洋折衷スイーツでした! みたらしソースと生クリームが甘しょっぱくて、甘いわらび餅とベストマッチなんです! もう普通のロールケーキには戻れない…。毎日食べるわ。


松坂屋上野店にある洋食屋「洋食 銀サロン」で、最高に美味しい“ビーフシチュー”が食べられるって知ってましたか?お肉ホロッホロっで幸せ…!大人から子供まで、嫌いな人はいないんじゃないかっていうくらい満点の味。老舗喫茶店のような空間の中で過ごすランチタイムは格別です!








ファミマの「メロンクッキーシュー」がクリームが驚異のおいしさなんです! メロン風味にアイシングされた生地はシャクシャクしていてクセになるし、何よりクリームが濃厚で最高すぎるよ〜〜!! 数量限定だから、いますぐファミマにGO!





Are You Left Or Right?

Which direction are you?




8月8日(木)から配信されたNetflixオリジナルシリーズ『全裸監督』は、放送禁止のパイオニア、村西とおるを山田孝之が演じる。バブル期の日本を舞台に、元営業マンの村西が規制と戦いながらアダルトビデオ業界でのし上がっていくストーリー。限界ギリギリの本作はどうやって作られたのか? 武正晴総監督に話を聞いた。

18 Movies That People Think Are 100% Funny And 100% Underrated

"Thirty Seconds to Mars is the name of a band. It's not a fact."

16 "Sims" Glitches That Are 50% Hilarious And 50% Disturbing

We don't know how to feel about this.





30 Fun School Supplies That Will Get An A+ In Style

These things will make you cool for school!



Eat A Bunch Of Vanilla Desserts And We'll Reveal Your Soulmate's Star Sign

I'm not one for superstitions, but this is pretty accurate.

17 Times "The Golden Girls" Had Wayyyy More Sex Than You Ever Could

"My cupcakes are moist and delicious. Men LOVE my cupcakes."

39 Products That'll Do The Damn Thing

Say "hello" to these products and "goodbye" to life's little problems and pet peeves.

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