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    16 "Sims" Glitches That Are 50% Hilarious And 50% Disturbing

    We don't know how to feel about this.

    1. First, let's start off with this man... baby?

    2. This Sim, who seems to be sharing a face.

    3. This Sim who.... not sure what to call this, tbh.

    4. This Sim who's too sleepy to care where he's sleeping

    5. We're not really sure what's happening here...

    6. This Sim who didn't have the patience for the other Sim to move out of her way.

    7. This Sim using an... interesting method... to wash the baby.

    8. This Sim who's taking being chill AF a little too literally.

    9. This Sim who thinks the pan is yummier than the actual food, apparently.

    10. This baby that's on fire... WE REPEAT — THE BABY IS ON FIRE!!!

    11. This Sim baby that seems to have grown up too fast.

    12. This Sim literally patting herself on the back.

    13. This hand that... umm... probably shouldn't be there.

    14. This fireplace that has some interesting firewood in it.

    15. This baby that's cute enough to eat?

    16. And finally, this Sim with an unsettlingly long face.