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August 8, 2019

Taylor Swift Says She Spoke Out For LGBTQ Rights After A "Devastating" Moment With Todrick Hall

“If he was thinking that, I can’t imagine what my fans in the LGBTQ community might be thinking."

25 Pictures That'll Make Millennials Tear Up And Say, "Such A Pure Time"

Take me back to the days when the hangout spot was Borders!

15 Awesome Celebrity #TBT Photos You Need To See This Week

Zoë Kravitz at the photo shoot for the Oops!... I Did It Again album cover kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!

Injured Victims At An El Paso Hospital Refused To Meet Trump During His Visit

Trump and the first lady visited the hospital Wednesday, where eight patients injured in the mass shooting were still being treated.

Most People Can't Match These Quotes To The Disney Villain – Can You?

Is it bad that I relate more to the villains?

Build An Outfit And We'll Give You A Book To Read

Let's continue that summer reading trend.

"Herói nacional não é o Ustra, é o Ayrton Senna", diz Alexandre Frota

Ameaçado de expulsão do partido do presidente, Frota diz que fala de Bolsonaro sobre Brilhante Ustra é, "mais uma vez, uma declaração desnecessária".

Can You Recognize Movie Plots When They're Described As Relationship Advice Posts?

"My (22 F) boyfriend (22 M) dumped me so I decided to become a lawyer."

Get A Manicure And We'll Accurately Guess What Color Nail Polish You're Wearing Right Now

Could you be a "Lincoln Park After Dark" blue or possibly a "Metallic Mango" orange?

22 Beauty Products From Walmart That'll Last Even During The Toughest Humidity

Frizzy hair and sweaty makeup are about to meet their worst enemies.

Trump’s “Rhetoric” Inspired This Man To Assault A 13-Year-Old For Wearing A Hat During The Anthem, His Lawyer Said

“His commander in chief is telling people that if they kneel, they should be fired, or if they burn a flag, they should be punished,” his lawyer said.

Which Euphoria Girl Are You?

"Some people say that the eyes are the windows to the soul... I disagree."

Faça essa receita e tenha 4 tortas em uma só!

Para quê escolher um só sabor se você pode escolher 4?

Qual coreografia icônica é você?

De Rouge a Michael Jackson!

17 Embarrassing Facebook Statuses We All Made In The '00s

If you weren't in a complicated relationship at some point, did you even have Facebook?

Donald Trump Has Used A Secretive Justice System To Keep Lawsuits Against Him Out Of Court

Trump, his campaign, and his companies have used arbitration to try to move potentially damaging and embarrassing claims out of the public court process.

38 Things You Need If You're A Child Trapped In An Adult's Body

We should all act a little childish every once in a while. Seriously, I'm not ~kidding~ around.

Coma 7 comidas coloridas e descubra sua personalidade verdadeira

Coma o arco-íris inteiro. Hummm, que delícia!

Escolha uma pedra preciosa e receba um discurso motivacional da Pepita

Stories da Mulher Pepita tombados como patrimônio nacional das mensagens motivadoras

Ben Schwartz Was Only Supposed To Be In One Scene In "Parks & Rec"

Could you imagine Parks & Rec without Jean-Ralphio Saperstein?!

All The Best Deals At Walmart Right Now

Deals on bacon pans, tablets, table fans, label makers, and more!

I'm Completely Obsessed With This Guy Laughing Hysterically At Anti-Immigration Protesters

"Our heroes are not big politicians. They are people who yell or literally laugh in the faces of insanity." —Chrissy Teigen

Kamala Harris Has Thrived On The Senate's Most Secretive Committee. Even Republicans Say So.

Members of the Senate Intelligence Committee from both parties praise Harris as being “whip-smart” and a great interrogator behind closed doors.

Here's What The "90210" Characters Are Up To Now

The show included three tributes to Luke Perry and dramatic updates on all of the cast's fictional lives.

Bad Bunny And J Balvin Are Teaming Up To Raise Money For El Paso And Dayton

They will match the first $50,000 of donations.

Flight Records Show Salvini's Aide Made A Lot Of Mysterious Trips To Moscow Around The Time Of The Secret Oil Deal Meeting

An investigation by BuzzFeed News, Bellingcat, and the Insider has established that Gianluca Savoini traveled to Russia at least 14 times in 2018.

Taylor Swift Explained Her Decision To Stay Silent In The 2016 Presidential Election

"I just knew I wasn’t going to help," Swift told Vogue.

¿Qué oso famosísimo de la TV mexicana eres?

Un quiz que puede, o no, repercutir en tu ano.

Contesta 6 preguntas y te diremos si eres capaz de levantar el evento

¿Realmente eres la diva etérea que crees que eres? ¿O sólo eres una más?

18 Escenas de películas que se ven rarísimas sin el CGI

Todo se ve menos aterrador y más cagado sin efectos.

Si escuchaste en el radio 35 de estas 46 canciones, ya es hora de ponerte cremita antiarrugas

Si te tocó escuchar "Azúcar amargo" cuando estaba de moda, ya no estás tan joven.

Solo el 0.001% de la gente puede sacar 10 en este quiz de escenas de Disney

Prepárate porque está más complicado de lo que crees.

Vive un día en los dosmiles y te diremos cuál será tu estado civil en 2020

¡Prepárate para echarte spray con olor a vainilla y escuchar a NSYNC!

Plan The Perfect Day And We'll Tell You If Your Crush Is Into You

Because, well, you're just sick of wondering.

This Best Friend Went The Extra Mile To Make Sure This Proposal Was Special And Now He's Gone Viral

"We all need that friend throwing flower petals. My friends throw shade."

Every State Is Known For Having A Sandwich Staple — Here's Yours

Reuben, Cuban, French dip — what's yours?

Celebrities Are Canceling Their Equinox Memberships Over The Owner's Trump Fundraiser

Jonathan Van Ness said he'd canceled, and Sophia Bush said she wouldn't go to SoulCycle again.

23 People Who Did Not Get The Response They Expected

"I will never forget the time I was at a party and we were playing truth or dare and someone dared me to go home."

14 Of The Best Bar Carts You Can Get At Walmart

Forget happy hour, bring the bar to you with these carts!

48 Male Patients Say A USC Doctor Sexually Abused Them — And The University Was Warned

Five of those patients, all of whom were students, say they told the university that Dr. Dennis Kelly subjected them to invasive exams and made sexual remarks.

Four Reasons Why We Might Be At A Tipping Point For Gun Control

There's a new burst of energy around what many people think is a lost cause: gun control.

"Tears. Then Rage.” — Tim Ryan Texts With BuzzFeed News About The Dayton Shooting

And…he explains what he was thinking when he made that face during the debate.

If You Were A Flavor Of Carmex, Which One Would You Be?

You can't be a true VSCO girl without Carmex.

How Bad Are Your Tea Making Opinions

Don't you dare put milk in first!

23 Things From ModCloth That Reviewers Absolutely Love

These items sparked joy for other people, and we think they will for you too!





We Know Which Season You Are Based On Your ~Aesthetic~ Choices

Aesthetic — a combination of things that are pleasing to look at

Tom Holland's Dad Wrote A Book About How He's More Famous Than Him And People Are Calling Him Bitter

"Tom Holland's dad wrote a bitter ass book about his son getting more famous than him."

Cole Sprouse And Lili Reinhart Finally Had Their Say On Those Split Rumours

"I don't care. That's the nature of our industry."

Incoming: A Horrific And Specifically American Ritual

A look at what a mass shooting does to a family, hundreds were arrested in an ICE operation, and a report on how climate change is already hurting the environment. This is your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Aug. 8.

Rosetta Stone Is 40% Off Right Now So You Can Seriously Impress Your Language Teacher

Whether you're studying abroad or need a refresher before taking college-level classes, Rosetta Stone has super simple courses in 25 different languages, all up to 40% off!



21 Of The Best Products For Combination Skin You Can Get At Walmart

Everything you've been looking for to cleanse, smooth, and moisturize your combo skin!

Eat Some Food And We'll Guess The First Letter Of Your Name

RT if this quiz makes you crave alphabet soup.





We Know How Old Your Tastebuds Are From Your Food Opinions

Your passport may say 24, but your palate might say otherwise.

Here's Everything You Need To Travel Light

I know someone who recently went on a week-long trip with just a Jansport backpack — it held everything they needed including their laptop.







20 nervige Alltagsmomente, die nicht nur dich auf die Palme bringen

„Könnt ihr mich nicht einfach in Ruhe kacken lassen?“

Climate Change Is Triggering More Heat Waves, Droughts, And Crop Yield Declines, Study Says

“The temperature over land is warming at twice the speed of the global average,” one scientist said.

Kollegah mahnt unsere Undercover-Recherche zum „Alpha Mentoring“ ab, aber wir lassen den Artikel online

Kollegah und seine Geschäftspartner haben mindestens 16 Abmahnungen verschickt – unserer Ansicht nach sind die Schreiben haltlos.

This Quiz Will Guess How Old You Are With 100% Accuracy

Based on these seven random questions, your age will be revealed!

17 Aussie '00s Pop Bangers That You Loved But Probably Forgot About

Australia will win Eurovision 2020 if Holly Valance performs "Kiss Kiss" and that's a FACT.

16 Reasons We Should All Celebrate The End Of Winter's Oppressive Reign

Non-Australians: YoU dOn'T eVeN hAvE a WiNtEr sToP CoMpLaiNiNG!! Australians: This 18 degree day is positively frosty.

子宮頸がんってどういう病気? 若い世代で増え、男性も無関係ではありません




Are You More Like Hermione Granger Or Emma Watson?

Trust us, there's no bad result!

The Mother Of The El Paso Shooting Suspect Called Police Worried About His Gun Before The Attack

She was alarmed by his purchase of an AK-47–style rifle, the family's attorneys said.



Be A Party Planner For The Day And We'll Reveal Which Breed Of Dog Is Perfect For You

If you've been looking for a sign to adopt a dog, this is it!

15 People Who Had The Absolute Worst Luck Ever

*Ursula voice* poor unfortunate souls.

We Can Tell You How Datable You Are

Everyone wants to know, so why not find out now?

Take This Quiz For A Shawn Mendes Song And Food Combo

Everything means nothing if I can’t have food.




A5ランクの和牛があれば人は幸せになれる…。「銀座ことひ」の3000円ランチがまじで最高でした…。 カウンター席があるので一人ランチも行きやすい。自分へのご褒美はみんなこれにしよう…。

32 Things People Heard In Sex Ed That Are Nothing Short Of Bonkers

"I was told that if I had sex, I would go to both jail and hell."

21 WTF Facts About Your Fave Musicians That Are Actually 100% True

hOLY shIT!!! —you, after reading this post.

38 Things That'll Probably Make You Look Cooler Than You Actually Are

"What's cooler than being cool? Ice cold." —Ancient Proverb

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