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    This Artist Photoshops Celebs Next To Their Younger Selves, Thus Defying Time As We Know It

    Yup...I'm emotional.

    Over the past several years, Dutch artist Ard Gelinck has been photoshopping celebrities next to their younger selves, and consequently, making all of us suuuuuper nostalgic.

    Gelinck said that he first started out by making funny pictures to post on Twitter, and later got inspired to create images featuring celebs.

    "I just hope when people see my work, it puts a smile on their face," Gelinck told BuzzFeed. "It's pure entertainment, and I love it!"

    With that being said, here are some of his most double take–worthy pieces, IMHO:

    Michelle Obama

    Matt LeBlanc

    Ariana Grande

    Will Smith

    Taylor Swift

    Paul McCartney

    Kim Kardashian West

    Bruce Springsteen

    Tina Turner

    Roger Federer

    Luke Perry

    To see more of Ard Gelinck's ~time-defying~ work, be sure to follow him on Instagram!!!