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    15 People Who Had The Absolute Worst Luck Ever

    *Ursula voice* poor unfortunate souls.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about a time they had absolutely awful luck. Here are 16 short stories from people who definitely didn't have luck on their side:

    1. This contradictory tattoo:

    "I got this tattoo to commemorate the growth I’d had with my mental health and relationship with God following a battle with chronic illness. So, later on, I got this scar from me subsequently tripping on my own sidewalk and breaking my arm, which required surgery." —carak4a8cd43e8

    2. This accidental flash:

    "I work in a group home, and I had to call 911 for one of the patients. When I was outside, I started talking to the hottest EMT. I had my hands on my hips and underneath my shirt. When I went to gesture, my hand got caught under my shirt and flung my shirt up, causing it to get stuck on my chest, exposing my bra for the longest period of time.


    3. This double hit:

    "Sitting in a left-turn lane, waiting for the light to change, I get hit from behind. Hard enough to push me forward several feet. Fast-forward two weeks later. Sitting at the same light, in the same lane, waiting, I get slammed again."



    4. And this double whammy:

    "I was rejected from my number one choice college and fired on the same day."


    5. This rogue earring:

    "Got my ears pierced. Kept the earring backing in tight (so I wouldn't lose them). I ended up getting the earing backing stuck in my ear — IN MY EAR. We couldn't see the backing anymore. The doctor says it happens more than you think."


    6. And this rogue tooth:

    "I was having a cavity filled at the dentist when the clamp on my tooth popped off and went right down my throat. I ended up needing to have it surgically removed."


    New Line Cinema

    7. This good deed gone awry:

    "In college, I switched shifts with a coworker and got robbed at gunpoint. Months later, I couldn’t go on a trip with my friends because I had to testify at the guy’s trial."


    8. This dancing disaster:

    "I was on a caravan holiday with my family when I was 6. One day, I was dancing on the bed and fell out the window."


    Big Machine Records

    9. This freezing fail:

    "My roommate and I were in the middle of dying my hair from the box. There was five minutes left to keep the dye in. The fire alarm went off. After 20 minutes of waiting outside, I booked it to my friend's dorm nearby to use their shower. My hair was damaged and resembled straw for the rest of the year."


    10. And this one too:

    "Winter in Pennsylvania. Our school had mandatory swimming classes, and it was 7 a.m., in 15-degree weather, and the fire alarm went off. So, there we are, me and 29 of my fellow freezing classmates, in soaking wet swimsuits with wet hair and one lousy towel to keep us warm IN THE SNOW."


    11. This double rejection:

    "Last year I got a call saying I didn't get the job I really wanted. An hour later, I was fired from my then-job."



    12. This shitty scenario:

    "My boyfriend and I got in an argument in the park, so I decided to just go sit in the sun. I put on my sunglasses and closed my eyes for a minute to decompress. A bird managed to fly by and shit behind my glasses into my eye. I was told by a random person that witnessed my reaction to said fly-by shitting that it was good luck. Lucky me."


    13. These concert mishaps:

    "I flew from North Carolina to LA in 2017 to see my favorite singer live in concert. After the third song, I fell, hit my head on the concrete floor, and was rushed to the ER. Missed the rest of the concert. The next year, that same singer was playing at a music festival in NYC. Flew up to the city to attend and a severe thunderstorm/tornado watch started an HOUR before she was scheduled to perform. Entire festival was cancelled for the night."


    14. This ironic moment:

    "I popped a tire on my way back home from having a popped tire replaced."


    15. And lastly, this absolute mess:

    "My dog wasn’t potty-trained yet, and my brother had an indoor bicycle that he rode all around the house. The dog pooped, and yep, I had to spend ONE HOUR mopping, spraying, and wiping the floor after my brother rode all around the house in it.



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    Responses have been edited for length/clarity.