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Tom Holland's Dad Wrote A Book About How He's More Famous Than Him And People Are Calling Him Bitter

"Tom Holland's dad wrote a bitter ass book about his son getting more famous than him."

Tom Holland's dad has been called before a jury of Stan Twitter to face alleged crimes of being jealous of his son's success and bitter because Tom is more famous than he is. The recommended punishment is cancellation.

So, you probably know Tom Holland for playing Marvel's Spider-Man. He's a pretty big deal.

What you might not know is that Tom's dad, Dominic Holland, was actually ~famous~ first. He's a British comedian who's enjoyed moderate success in the UK.

Back in 2017, Dominic wrote a tongue-in-cheek book called Eclipsed: Turns Out that Spider-Man Does Have a Dad After All. It was written before Tom found out that he had secured the superhero role and hilariously tells the story of Dominic realising his son is now more famous than he is.

The synopsis of the book reads as follows:

Eclipsed is a unique story about an ordinary family. Mum, dad, four boys and a dog, albeit the dad is a somewhat famous UK comedian who dared to dream and chance his arm at becoming a Hollywood screenwriter. By chance and just like in the best stories, his eldest son is talent spotted and after a series of serendipitous events, now finds himself as Marvel's new Spider-Man. Meanwhile, his dad is doing comedy gigs in village halls and primary schools. Written with great affection and warmth by a dad as proud as he is bemused, Eclipsed is a hilarious story and insight into family life. We all want the best for our children and we hope that they might eclipse our own achievements. But in the same business as us and before they even hit their teens? Come on, really?

However, recently the book resurfaced on Twitter and it's clear to see that the humour might not be going down so well. In fact, people are calling out Tom's dad for being "bitter" and "profiting off his son's successes".

Tom Holland’s dad wrote a bitter ass book about his son getting more famous than him

tom holland will continue collecting his fat marvel paychecks and not worrying about his bitter and problematic ass dad profitting off his son's sucesses !! https://t.co/0h173k6V6v

tom holland's dad sleeping at night knowing his son is more famous than him

All of these tweets led to one outcome...

Others came to Dominic's defence though, putting the situation down to a misunderstanding due to "satirical and sarcastic" British humour.

The amount of people not realising that Tom Holland’s dad’s Book is obviously satirical and sarcastic is,, embarrassing

People also pointed out that Tom wrote the foreword for the book and so clearly doesn't have an issue with what his dad wrote.

Given that Tom Holland wrote the foreword himself and his dad is a comedian, I don’t see the issue. It’s clear that his dad is proud of him, and that this book is written with very British humour. As a Brit myself, it’s obvious that his dad isn’t actually bitter. https://t.co/8Jb1Y79sqm

As for Dominic himself, he's remained mostly silent on the matter. But he did respond to somebody who said they had been to one of his comedy shows and thought the humour in the book might be the same.

@ShaunBensonActs @derhayden Hey shaun - I remember that gig well - thanks man

BuzzFeed has reached out to Dominic, as well as reps of Tom, for comment.