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    17 Aussie '00s Pop Bangers That You Loved But Probably Forgot About

    Australia will win Eurovision 2020 if Holly Valance performs "Kiss Kiss" and that's a FACT.

    1. "24/7 (Crazy 'bout Your Smile)" – Nikki Webster

    Gotham Records / Via

    Everyone remembers "Strawberry Kisses", but only diehard fans remember Nikki's other bank of hits. With its catchy hook, the Bring It On-esque dance off and all the drama that ensues, this song was definitely my fave.

    2. "I'm Just A Girl" – Bachelor Girl

    Gotham Records / Via

    Every song Bachelor Girl released spoke to my pre-adolescent soul and should have been used in a coming-of-age movie. And can we just lol at how dated the Melbourne Tullamarine Airport looks in this film clip?

    3. "Just The Thing" – Paul Mac ft. Peta Morris

    Eleven: A Music Company / Via

    This is an Aussie dance classic and it still BANGS. But wow, the film clip was so racy. I'm not sure how my parents let me watch this on Rage.

    4. "Kiss Kiss" – Holly Valance

    London Records / Via

    Fun fact: this song the English remake of "Şımarık" by Turkish singer Tarkan. And having been raised on a diet of Europop, this explains why I used to LOVE this song as a kid.

    Can Holly please represent Australia with this song at Eurovision 2020?!

    5. "Sister" – Sister2Sister

    Standard Records

    This song was technically released at the end of 1999, but back then, you had to wait 3-6 months for the CD to actually come out in stores, so it still counts.

    I have very fond memories of signing this song at my baby sister in the car (who was literally a toddler at the time). Also, did anyone else confuse The Veronicas for S2S when they debuted?

    6. "Poison" – Bardot

    Warner Music

    The first winners of Popstars (a precursor to Australian Idol), Bardot was the ultimate Aussie girl group. And just look at this film clip – it's so early '00s and I can't enough of it.

    7. "Inside Outside" – Sophie Monk

    Warner Music

    Remember when Sophie Monk left Bardot and went solo? Yeah, neither. But this song is a serious JAM.

    8. "Me, Myself & I" – Scandal'Us

    Warner Music

    These guys won the second (and possibly last??) season of Popstars. And while you definitely won't remember them, somehow you'll remember ever single lyric of this song.

    9. "Cinderella" – Shakaya

    Columbia Records

    Okay, so I loved Shakaya so much as a child that I used to pretend to be the girl with the green eyes (and my blonde cousin was the other one) and we used to choreograph dances to all their tracks.

    I'm also really glad this song was immortalised by Ja'mie King in We Can Be Heroes.

    10. "Buggin' Me" – Selwyn

    Song BMG

    Selwyn was basically Australia's answer to Mario and quite frankly, he is due for a comeback. I'm also 90% sure this appeared on a "So Fresh" CD at some point.

    11. "All Seats Taken" – Bec Cartwright

    Warner Music / Via

    Before she married Lleyton Hewitt and they became the Australian tennis royal family, former Home & Away star Bec Cartwright blessed us with this banger. With her tank tops and hair flips, Bec was what every pop princess aspired to be.

    12. "Party" – Christine Anu

    White Records / Via

    Christine Anu is a national treasure. This track is just so inclusive and positive and makes me want to invite all my neighbours to a house party.

    13. "Shine" – Vanessa Amorosi

    Sony BMG / Via

    You remember "Absolutely Everybody", but do you remember this inspirational hit? While more lowkey than her breakout hit, this ballad still hits me in the feels.

    14. "Mascara" – Killing Heidi

    Wah-Wah/Roadshow / Via

    Looking back, Killing Heidi is basically the Australian equivalent of No Doubt. They were definitely pop rock, but wow they looked so hardcore.

    15. "This Heart Attack" – Faker

    Capitol Records / Via

    Another pop rock banger that needs to be honoured. I used to argue that Faker was "technically in the alternative genre" because in 2010 I was at that life stage where I thought I was too cool to be into pop.

    16. "Pointless Relationship" – Tammin Sursok

    Sony BMG

    I think we can all relate to being stuck in a pointless relationship and using really soft pop rock to cry ourselves into understanding that we deserve better. Thank you, Tammin.

    17. "Mistake" – Stephanie McIntosh


    I remember being VERY jealous of Stephanie's outfit in the party/spontaneous concert scene because I wasn't allowed to wear anything like that. It's so '00s Supre it hurts.

    In case you want to travel back to the '00s and enjoy an Aussie Pop party, here's a playlist of most of the songs listed in this post.

    Nikki Webster, if you're reading this, pls make your discography available on Spotify. 🙏

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