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23 People Who Did Not Get The Response They Expected

"I will never forget the time I was at a party and we were playing truth or dare and someone dared me to go home."

1. This person who probably shouldn't have texted their number neighbor.

2. This woman who told her crush how she felt.

3. This person who was trying to reconnect with an old flame.

4. This guy who was trying to surprise his girlfriend at work.

5. This person who just wanted to entertain their instagram followers.

6. This dude who was texting a woman he liked for the first time.

7. This guy who received an answer by a Bitmoji.

8. This person who was curious about people's sex fantasies.

9. This guy who was shaded in a tweet.

10. This guy who thought he knew what his best friend was gonna say.

11. This person who wanted to chat with their Tinder match.

12. This guy who was helping a woman block someone annoying.

13. This person who was tagging their ex in memes.

14. This person who wanted to prank someone who accidentally texted them.

15. This guy who was messaged by a complete stranger.

16. This guy who was trying to share his original music.

17. This person who wanted to hear just one, "Happy birthday."

18. This person whose Facebook friend was a bit harsh.

20. This person who will probably never play truth or dare again.

21. This person who got rejected in the Facebook comments.

22. This person who was just looking for some useful advice.

23. And finally, poor, poor Diego.

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