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14 WTF Disney Movie Moments That Will 100% Ruin Your Childhood

You'll never look at these movies the same way again.

matthewsoares12 • 12 days ago

Summer Time Quiz

Summer is here and here is a Summer time quiz.

matthewsoares12 • 20 days ago

Movies That Might Be Fun To Watch On Summer

Since we're in summer, I decided we will look at movies that could be fun to watch during Summer.

matthewsoares12 • 21 days ago

Top 5 Spongebob Squarepants Season 1 Episodes

Here is my top list of my favorite Spongebob Squarepants episodes from season 1 (Honorable Mentions: "Subs", "Jellyfish Jam" and "Home Sweet Pineapple")

matthewsoares12 • 22 days ago

10 Facts About The Toy Story Movies

Here are some facts you should know about the Toy Story movies.

matthewsoares12 • 2 months ago

8 Shocking Things Found In Food

If you find something shocking in your food that might make you throw up.

matthewsoares12 • 2 months ago

Classic Cartoon Of The 1960s

The 1960s cartoons were great, there were tv shows and television specials.

matthewsoares12 • 4 months ago

22 Facts About The Incredibles

Here are some facts that you people need to know about Disney and Pixar's movie "The Incredibles".

matthewsoares12 • 4 months ago

Best Spongebob Squarepants Moments

We all know the cartoon Spongebob Squarepants, this cartoon has some best moments in the episodes.

matthewsoares12 • 4 months ago

What Kind Of Cereal Are You

Which one of the cereals are you?

matthewsoares12 • 4 months ago

Top 10 Goosebumps Books That Should Have Been Made Into Television Episodes

The 1995 tv series was the best, if the goosebumps tv show had a reboot, the stories that didn't get made into television episodes.

matthewsoares12 • 4 months ago

24 Facts About Thomas And Friends

Here is some facts you people need to know about Thomas and Friends.

matthewsoares12 • 4 months ago

9 Alton Towers Resort Rides That Might Be Fun To Ride

Alton Towers Resort isa theme park resort located in Staffordshire, England, the rides there might be the best rides.

matthewsoares12 • 4 months ago

Dr. Seuss Television Specials Quiz

The Dr. Seuss specials were great cartoons.

matthewsoares12 • 4 months ago

Top 20 Goosebumps Monsters

Here is a list of my favorite Goosebumps monsters. (Honorable Mention, "Monster Blood")

matthewsoares12 • 4 months ago

Movies Based On Roald Dahl Books

Roald Dahl's classic children stories are coming to the big screens.

matthewsoares12 • 4 months ago

Top 5 Tim Burton Movies

Here is a list of my favorite Tim Burton films.

matthewsoares12 • 4 months ago

Disney Movies That Should Have A Live Action Remake

Dumbo, The Lion King and Aladdin is coming out this year. You see, James and the Giant Peach, The Haunted Mansion, Nottingham & Hood, The Sword in the Stone and Snow White are still in the works. Here is a list of Disney movies that should have a remake.

matthewsoares12 • 5 months ago

10 Scary Abandoned Amusement Parks

Some old abandoned amusement parks can be scary because there are old and run down like it's a haunted ghost town.

matthewsoares12 • 5 months ago

Tv Shows That Should Have A Reboot.

This list will show you my favorite tv shows that should have a reboot.

matthewsoares12 • 5 months ago