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    12 Facts About "Mrs. Doubtfire" That Are Actually Quite Surprising

    "You’ve got your cream and your sugar now.”

    1. The film is based on an English novel.

    2. Tim Allen turned down two leading roles in the film.

    3. Stu was originally an arrogant villain.

    4. At six years old, Mara Wilson made her acting debut in Mrs. Doubtfire.

    5. Lisa Jakub was expelled from school for taking several months off to film Mrs. Doubtfire.

    6. Robin Williams' own son didn't recognize him in the Mrs. Doubtfire costume.

    7. The hilarious scene when Mrs. Doubtfire's icing falls from her cake mask and drips into Mrs. Sellner’s tea was not scripted.

    8. Another hilarious blooper was when Mrs. Doubtfire’s dentures fell into her glass during the birthday dinner scene.

    9. The opening animated scene of Mrs. Doubtfire was directed by Chuck Jones.

    10. The film was shot entirely in San Francisco.

    11. There was supposed to be a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel.

    12. There's still a chance that the film will be turned into a musical.