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    16 Reasons We Should All Celebrate The End Of Winter's Oppressive Reign

    Non-Australians: YoU dOn'T eVeN hAvE a WiNtEr sToP CoMpLaiNiNG!! Australians: This 18 degree day is positively frosty.

    PRAISE BE, there are only three weeks left of the seasonal hell we call winter — and there are 16 reasons why you should be fucking thrilled about that.


    Come with me now, gentle reader, as we shed our dry, crusty-skinned cocoons and embrace the days of springtime.

    1. You can finally say goodbye to flaky, sandpaper skin.


    I am trying to HYDRATE you, why must you continue to PUNISH ME?!

    2. You will no longer be obligated to wear jeans every damn day of the week.


    And honestly, thank god, because this sort of behaviour is a yeast infection waiting to happen.

    3. You can once more enjoy a chilled beverage without your internal body temperature plummeting dangerously close to hypothermic levels.

    WWE Studios

    4. You'll get to see the sun again when you leave the office.

    Saban Entertainment

    We are not worthy of you, flaming orb of warmth and pleasure.

    5. You can finally dig out your bikinis from the back of the cupboard, because every body is a beach body.

    FOX Broadcasting

    Even sun-deprived, chronically-dehydrated ones.

    6. You can safely enjoy morning showers again, without fearing the dreaded wet-hair-cold-air situation.

    Screen Gems

    7. You'll no longer have to wear 13 layers into work, only to start sweating profusely as soon as you reach your desk.


    I am too padded to move, so I'll just sweat this one out, thanks.

    8. You'll get to bask in the glory of daylight savings again.


    Remember those days when the sun wouldn't set til 9pm?! WE WILL KNOW THAT JOY AGAIN.

    9. You can enjoy stone fruits...

    RCA Records Label

    Mangos and lychees and peaches, OH MY.

    10. And the scent of fresh flowers in the air.

    Hallmark Channel

    Jasmine is a heady aphrodisiac and I am liviiiinnng for it.

    11. You can once more enjoy thirsting openly and aggressively over people working out in public.

    Syco Records / Epic Music

    12. You won't have to worry about catching something truly heinous every time you step on board public transport.


    13. You can show off your pins once more, instead of hiding them beneath 12 weeks worth of leg hair growth.


    Or, ya know, rock that leg hair openly — whatever works for you.

    14. You'll no longer dread the day before it begins, because it will be WARM and full of OPPORTUNITY.

    Universal Pictures

    15. You'll be able to sit comfortably outdoors and not feel bitterly cold or blown away.


    16. And finally, you'll be one step closer to the unsurpassable ecstasy that is the Australian summer.

    ABC Indigenous

    Long may she reign.

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