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    Shia LaBeouf Is Starring In A Film Loosely Based On His Life, And The Trailer Alone Is A Tearjerker

    "You don't know how good I am at what I do..."

    So — in case you missed it — Shia LaBeouf is starring in a film loosely based on his life experiences as a child actor...

    Rob Cantor

    ...and the trailer just dropped today! Whew buddy, this one's going to be an EMOTIONAL ride, y'all:

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    The film — which was also written by LaBeouf — follows the rocky relationship between a child actor named Otis (Noah Jupe) and his father.

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    And LaBeouf — who is taking on the father role here — is darn near unrecognizable in this whole get up.

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    The film is set to focus on a fictionalized version of LaBeouf's rise to fame, while also documenting his transition into adulthood, rehab, and recovery.

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    And you can definitely see some references to his time on shows like Even Stevens:

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    As well as blockbuster action movies, like Transformers:

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    And frankly it's a little creepy how much Lucas Hedges (who is appearing as the adult version of Otis) SOUNDS like LaBeouf in this, what??? A+ casting job here.

    Amazon Studios

    So be sure to pack some tissues and catch Honey Boy when it hits theaters Nov. 8, 2019.

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