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August 7, 2019

See How Long You'll Stay Married To A Celebrity With This Simulation

In sickness and in health, 'til we part in, like, 20 minutes.

Jennifer Aniston Opened Up About How Much She Misses "Friends," And Frankly, SAAAAAAAME

"I started to find my confidence when I was on Friends, for sure."

Families "Are Scared To Death" After A Massive ICE Operation Swept Up Hundreds Of People

About 680 suspected undocumented workers were arrested in Mississippi in one of the largest worksite operations ever conducted by ICE agents.

El Paso Protesters Partly Blame Trump's Rhetoric On Immigration For The Mass Shooting

"He made us a spectacle and people have died," one resident said during the president's visit.

Do You Know What Flavor These Red Candies Are Supposed To Be?

What flavor is a red Starburst, actually?

15 Money-Saving Parenting Hacks That Are Pretty Genius

Local Facebook parenting groups = FREE donations.

Plan The Perfect Vacation And We'll Predict Your Future Partner's Zodiac Sign

:Humming "La Isla Bonita" by Madonna as I take this quiz:

Membros do Pentagon dizem quais são suas coisas favoritas

Os meninos do Pentagon contaram pra gente quais são suas coisas favoritas e suas expectativas para o show no Brasil.

Este post é perfeito para quem quer se distrair por uns 15 minutos

Tem dia que a gente precisa dar uma respirada pois não está sendo fácil.

Julianne Moore Made A Powerful Plea To Mitch McConnell About Gun Control

“Gun violence is a public health crisis, and we all need to do everything to stop people from dying,” Moore told BuzzFeed News.

Here's How People Reacted To Trump's Visits To El Paso And Dayton

President Donald Trump was met by supporters and protesters as he visited the cities of Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, following a horrific weekend of mass shootings that left more than 30 people dead and scores injured.

Euforia bolsonarista com transferência de Lula virou ira contra STF nas redes sociais

A decisão da juíza de Curitiba gerou #Lulanopresídio, alguns políticos pegaram carona, STF vetou transferência e terminou o dia sendo atacado.

Police Are Investigating A YouTuber After She Was Filmed Hitting Her Dog In A Prank Video

Brooke Houts denies being a "dog abuser or animal abuser in any way."

Zillow Is Buying And Selling Lots Of Homes And It's Almost Half Its Business Now

Zillow made more than 40% of its revenue last quarter from selling homes.

戦前なのに…? 柳田国男は朝食に「タピオカ」を食べていた、その真相は




The Newest Evil Team In Pokémon Is A Bunch Of Angry Stans

Move over Team Rocket, Team Yell has arrived. And so have some adorable new Pokémon.

It's Time To Cast Your Vote For 2019's Song Of The Summer

"Old Town Road" or "Truth Hurts"? You decide.

A Groundbreaking Photo Of Beyoncé Has Been Selected For The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery

"See Your Halo" was shot by Tyler Mitchell, the first black photographer to shoot a cover for Vogue.

34 Little Gifts To Get For Your Partner Now That Mixtapes Aren't A Thing

Put down the cassette, make them a thoughtful Spotify playlist, and get them a nice lil' gift to go with it!

Phones Like The Galaxy Note 10 Are Too Big. Samsung Is Doing The Only Thing It Can.

The Galaxy Note 10 is fast, thin, light — and without a headphone jack.

Equinox And SoulCycle Customers Are Boycotting Over A Trump Fundraiser The Owner Is Hosting

"It's very unsettling to know that my money is being used to support a white supremacist. I will be cancelling my membership," one member wrote in an Equinox app forum.

Two Canadian Teens Who Went On The Run After Murdering 3 People Died By Suicide, Police Say

Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky were wanted in connection with the deaths of a US woman, her Australian boyfriend, and a Canadian botanist.

Opinion: Our Mass Shooting Culture Makes Me Constantly Worry When I'm In A Public Space

Over the years, my anxiety over mass shootings has become a sort of continual low-level hum. And I know that I'm not alone.

Disney Just Announced A "Home Alone" Remake And People Are Having Very Strong Emotions About It

"Prayers up for the writers who have to solve the cellphone problem in a rebooted Home Alone."

We 100% Know What Your Wedding Dress Will Look Like Based On Your Wedding Planning Choices

Find out what gorgeous dress you will be wearing at your wedding!

10 filmes da Barbie para assistir e esquecer aquele boy lixo

Porque o mundo pode SIM ser colorido e cheio de magia. Você merece muito mais!

Greta Thunberg Joined A Walkout At The First Major Summit Of The Movement She Inspired

Thunberg was among a group of young activists who protested over a disagreement about the Fridays for Future movement’s demands.

Monica Lewinsky Has Been Responding To People On Twitter About The Clinton Scandal And It's Actually Very Funny

What are Monica Lewinsky stans called because I think I may be one of them?

Receitas longas para ocupar a sua cabeça

Essas receitas exigem um pouquinho mais de tempo para ficarem prontas, mas valem cada segundo.

24 Products That You Might Just Wanna Take Another Look At

Like Lady Gaga's nose, these pretty products totally deserve a double-take.

Die Bachelorette hat heute geknutscht und bei den Jungs in der Villa herrscht weiter Zickenkrieg

„Sowas kann man doch nicht im Fernsehen zeigen.“ – Ich, alle fünf Minuten dieser Sendung

There's A Major Deal On Rent The Runway Unlimited Memberships Right Now, And Your Closet Is About To Change Forever

Unlimited designer clothes, bags, and accessories arriving to my door dry cleaned and ready to turn heads? Don't mind if I do.

Design A House And We'll Tell You Which "Parks And Rec" Character You Are

It's not the White House, but it'll do for now!

A Secret US Government List Targeting Journalists And Activists Is Under More Expansive Investigation

"Government surveillance that targets journalists, individuals providing legal services to migrants ... is absolutely unacceptable," Sen. Tom Udall said.

The Generosity Of Toni Morrison

She committed to holding the door open wide for other black writers for as long as she could, writes Hanif Abdurraqib.

Cory Booker: White Supremacy Is Fueled By A “Dangerous Tolerance”

In a searing speech at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, where nine black parishioners were shot and killed in 2015, Booker called white supremacy “an issue of national security.”

Here Are All The Texts From The Blake And Caelynn "Bachelor In Paradise" Drama

"If I come over it's just for sex. Nothing more nothing less."

16 Cole Sprouse Instagram Captions That Are Peak Cole Sprouse

A Cole Sprouse picture is worth 1000 quirky words.

¿A qué isla del Caribe deberías irte de vacaciones?

Arena suave, palmeras y aguas cristalinas y caribeñas.

What's The Creepiest Wikipedia Page About A Missing Person?

Time to share the page that keeps you up at night.

Lula vai para o mesmo presídio onde estão Nardoni, Cristian Cravinhos e Roger Abdelmassih

O petista vai para o presídio comum do Tremembé, no interior de SP. A defesa do ex-presidente vai tentar reverter a decisão, que considerou um "constrangimento ilegal" imposto a Lula.

Here Are 16 Artists Who Use Same-Sex Pronouns In Their Music

All this inclusive language will give you life!

Dinos si te gustan estos anillos de compromiso y te diremos cuándo te vas a comprometer

¿Te vas a ir por el tradicional o mejor un diamante negro?

The Philippines Was A Test Of Facebook’s New Approach To Countering Disinformation. Things Got Worse.

Disinformation campaigns in the Philippines ahead of its 2016 election offered a preview of things to come to the United States. History may be repeating itself in 2020.

Get 8 Tattoos And We'll Reveal What % VSCO Girl You Are

Are you a scrunchie lovin' VSCO Girl or what?

24 Cosas que a fuerza hiciste en verano si eras adolescente en los 90

¡La tele era nuestro Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat y Facebook!

Este quiz visual te dirá qué personaje de 'Euphoria' eres

¿¡Kat, Jules, Rue!? Quién sea, menos Nate.

¿Qué tipo de novia serías?

¿Eres de las que lanza el ramo o cero crees en eso?

jollymollyanna • 5 hours ago

16 ungelöste Rätsel, die bis heute Fragen aufwerfen

Hier ein bisschen Futter zum Kopfzerbrechen, falls du eh mal wieder nicht schlafen kannst.

Decorate Your Dorm Room And We'll Give You A Major

Picking a major is hard but so is decorating your dorm room!

Nigel Farage Has Hired A Journalist At The Centre Of Breitbart’s Anti-Immigration Europe Coverage

Over three years, Liam Deacon published more than 2,600 stories for the right-wing website, mostly about Islam, immigration, and immigrant crime in Europe.

27 Face Serums Real People Actually Swear By

Looking for a face oil or serum? From the beloved Ole Henrickson Truth Serum to Herbivore's Lapis and Emerald oils, here's what our readers are loving lately.

The El Paso And Dayton Shootings Show How Disinformation Spreads On Messaging Apps

“It becomes harder and harder for us, particularly going into 2020.”

24 Unique Wedding Dresses For People Who Think Outside The Box

Unique but still traditional enough for your picky Aunt Mildred.

浅間山が噴火、カメラが捉えたその瞬間 降灰予想も


Tana Mongeau Just Confirmed That She And Jake Paul Aren't Legally Married After All

"Legally binding yourself to someone else takes away the love."

We Asked Derms To Address Popular Sunscreen Myths And, TBH, This Information Should Be Common Knowledge

Consider this your cheat sheet to all things related to sun protection!

This Week On The Inter Webz: Hot World Summer

Plus: A One Direction threesome quiz, WhatsApp's future, and SoulCycle in the UK.

23 fatos aleatórios e inúteis sobre filmes que você provavelmente nunca soube antes

Robert Downey Jr. sempre escondia lanches nos sets da Marvel. Um dia ele ofereceu por acaso amoras para Chris Evans, no meio de uma cena, e eles mantiveram a cena.

8 coisas legais para você experimentar em agosto

Para aproveitar neste longo mês.

32 Pieces Of Clothing That'll Make Every Outfit Unforgettable

"Don't Forget" —Demi Lovato's iconic first album, and also these clothes to everyone who sees them.



Qual é a verdadeira cor da sua alma?

“A cor é uma energia que influencia diretamente a alma.”

Incoming: "How Do You Ever Remain Calm After That?"

El Pasoans are finding themselves in a frightening new reality, what happened to March For Our Lives, and one woman takes on Big Oil. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Aug. 7.


スモアにキャラメル…!STAR BUCKS(スターバックス)の新作、カロリーおばけだけどめっちゃおいしかった〜〜!!

Cyntoia Brown Was Released From Prison Months After Being Granted Clemency

Cyntoia Brown was is in prison for fatally shooting a man who was paying her for sex when she was a 16-year-old sex trafficking victim.



These Satisfying Acne Patches Deserve A National Holiday, Change My Mind

These Avarelle acne patch review photos are even better than popping pimples.

Gwendoline Christie Revealed The Reason Behind Submitting Herself For An Emmy Nomination

The Game of Thrones star, who played Ser Brienne of Tarth, not only submitted herself for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series but also secured the nomination.







35 Cheap Things That’ll Help Fix All The Small Annoyances In Your Life

Seriously, where has the Zipuller been all my life???



小泉進次郎・孝太郎 兄弟イチャイチャが眼福すぎるw




11 Underrated Scary Movies From The '90s That'll Scare The Crap Out Of You

They're not all serial killers, but they'll still give you nightmares!

小泉進次郎が滝川クリステルと結婚 馴れ初めは? 決め手は? なぜこの日に発表?


滝川クリステルさん、小泉進次郎議員との結婚発表ドレスが話題 ブランドは?お値段は?調べてみた


滝川クリステルさんが文章で表現 結婚する小泉進次郎議員について




What Actually Happens When You Decriminalise Abortion?

These states have all decriminalised abortion but what does that mean for women with unplanned pregnancies?

Far-Right Haven Had Its Fundraising Site Shut Down By Amazon

“This site promotes content that constitutes hate speech and is unacceptable,” a spokesperson for Amazon told BuzzFeed News.


BuzzFeed JapanでインターンをしているAIライターのりんなです。コスメの知識を活かして、あなたにおすすめのシートマスクを選んじゃいます!

Get Ready To Pant Over How Damn Fine These 16 Aussie '00s Stars Look Today

Considering most Aussies age like well-worn leather, time has sure been kind to these 16 stars...

Here Are The 13 Best Horror Movie Jump Scares Of All Time

Maybe turn down the volume on your headphones before clicking this one.

27 Humorous Pieces Of Decor That'll Give You A Laugh

It's time to toss out that "Live, Laugh, Love" decal and just focus on the laughs.

17 Photos That'll Help You Relax For The First Time Today

A moment of peace before the customers ruin everything.

16 Brisbane Hikes That Will (Literally) Take Your Breath Away

Because the gym is crowded and leg day isn't going to do itself.

The New Season Of "American Crime Story" Will Tackle The Clinton–Lewinsky Scandal

For FX's Impeachment: American Crime Story, Beanie Feldstein (!) will play Lewinsky, and Sarah Paulson (!!) will play Linda Tripp.

25 TikToks That Are Pure, Funny, And Good

If you miss Vine, this is for you!!

The Group That Built A Privately Funded Border Wall Is Under Criminal Investigation

We Build the Wall has been accused of constructing the barrier without permits. Now, officials in Florida, where the nonprofit is registered, say there's an open criminal investigation.

Most People Can't Identify 20 Of These Jelly Bellys — Can You?

Can you tell Buttered Popcorn from Toasted Marshmallow?

40 Brilliant Storage Products You'll Be Kicking Yourself You Didn't Think Of First

The power that these have, the intelligence that these have...

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