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    There's Going To Be An "Us" Maze At Halloween Horror Nights This Year And Things Are About To Get Crazy

    “We are our own worst enemy.”

    Not to overwhelm you with pre-Halloween hype, but if you're a fan of Jordan Peele, horror, or BOTH, then you'll be happy to hear that Us is officially coming to Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights.

    Universal Pictures

    And, yes, it will be at BOTH the Hollywood and Orlando locations.

    Here's a look at the chill-inducing teaser for the maze:

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    Peele himself said about the maze, "It's very exciting to know that fans of Us will get to experience firsthand the terror of being stalked and tormented by ‘The Tethered.'"

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    He continued, "It’s been a lifelong ambition of mine to create a monster that would scare people on Halloween, so having ‘The Tethered’ join such esteemed company is a dream come true."

    Now, there aren't any images of the maze yet, but it sounds like it will be horribly wonderful. The story will start in 1986 — taking you on a journey following in the footsteps of young Adelaide on the Santa Cruz boardwalk.

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    A venture through a creepy mirror funhouse? SUUUUURE.

    And, OBVIOUSLY, you can expect to see her traumatic encounter with her tethered doppelgänger.

    Universal Pictures


    The maze will then transition into present day, thrusting you into the chaos of "The Tethered" uprising.

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    Be on the look out for "The Tethered" as they emerge from their tunnels to ~murder~.

    So, if y'all want to get crazy this Halloween:

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    Be sure to add this one to your list!

    “Halloween Horror Nights” begins Friday, Sept. 6 in Orlando and on Friday, Sept. 13 in Hollywood.

    Courtesy of Universal Studios

    Additional details about the events will be revealed soon. All tickets for Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort are on sale now. For more information about “Halloween Horror Nights” at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort, visit

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