Disney Just Announced A "Home Alone" Remake And People Are Having Very Strong Emotions About It

    "Prayers up for the writers who have to solve the cellphone problem in a rebooted Home Alone."

    Welp, it's happened. Someone is remaking Home Alone, and that someone is Disney.

    There's no more detail about what a "reimagining" of the 1990 classic would actually BE like — will it be a straight-up remake? Will it take place today? Will it be set in the '90s for the ~nostalgia~ factor? Will Macaulay Culkin get a CAMEO???

    But it's clear that fans are having some STRONG reactions to this announcement:

    Disney: We’re going to remake the classic that is Home Alone Literally Everybody: #HomeAlone

    disney really has the audacity to reboot home alone and night at the museum???

    Home Alone is a classic. Just leave it alone

    Me waking up to the news that Disney are remaking Home Alone... LEAVE HOME ALONE ALONE!

    Me: Nostalgia is harmful to social growth. You aren’t the target audience for these reboots and remakes. Grow up. Disney: We’re producing a Home Alone remake Also me:

    Some people even pointed out the fact that the sequels to the OG — as perfect as it was — didn't fare so well:

    Disney wants to reboot #HomeAlone Nobody wants this. Want proof? There are 4 sequels to Home Alone that nobody cares about. The first movie was perfect. No reboot or sequel will ever recapture the magic that was the orginal.

    Others were actually OK with a reboot, with a few ~stipulations~:

    Disney is planning on doing a remake of Home Alone for Disney+. Only way I'd be fine with it is if Macaulay Culkin plays the reboot dad.

    And some brought up the difficulties writers might have solving the old cellphone problem (if it IS set in the present day):

    Prayers up for the writers who have to solve the cell phone problem in a rebooted Home Alone. https://t.co/9XhEbc8eJ1

    Or just made up answers of their own:

    The Home Alone remake is going to be a 1 minute short film. The parents realize they left their kid home alone and then call him on this cell phone and find out he is fine.

    I mean, let's be real:

    Guess we'll just have to wait and see how this plays out!