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    We Asked Derms To Address Popular Sunscreen Myths And, TBH, This Information Should Be Common Knowledge

    Consider this your cheat sheet to all things related to sun protection!

    Hello, people of the Internet, who should be wearing sunscreen all day, every day! If you don't believe us, we tapped two top dermatologists to dispel the most common myths surrounding sunscreen and sun protection.

    1. Myth: People with more melanin in their skin don’t need to apply sunscreen.

    2. Myth: All sunscreens work the same way.

    On top of that, Dr. Nazarian says that "every sunscreen needs to apply by the rules governed by the FDA when they claim something is broad spectrum, or when they determine their SPF." So what does "broad spectrum" mean exactly?

    3. Myth: SPF 50 is twice as effective as SPF 25, SPF 100 is twice as effective as SPF 50, etc.

    4. Myth: All sunscreens will leave a white cast or make you look ashy.

    Need some examples of clear-applying crowd faves?

    5. Myth: Applying sunscreen once you're outside is fine.

    6. Myth: One application for the whole day (or entire period spent outside) is enough.

    7. Myth: Wearing sunscreen is enough to be 100% protected from the sun.

    8. Myth: You only need to wear sunscreen during the summer or during sunny days.

    9. Myth: You don’t need to wear sunscreen if you're mostly indoors or in an office all day.

    10. Myth: You only need to apply sunscreen to your face, and you're good!

    11. Myth: You have sensitive skin, so sunscreens irritate your skin and don't ~work~ on you.

    12. Myth: Spray-on sunscreens are just as effective as regular sunscreens.

    13. Myth: You need vitamin D and sunscreen will prevent your body from absorbing vitamin D.

    14. Myth: If you're wearing sunscreen, getting a little tan is fine and healthy.

    15. Myth: Wearing makeup with built-in SPF is enough.

    16. Myth: If you wear makeup, there's no way to reapply sunscreen through the day without disturbing what's underneath.

    17. Myth: It's ok to use expired sunscreen.

    18. Myth: After years of not wearing sunscreen, starting now doesn't help.

    19. Myth: With consistent sun protection, skin cancer is avoidable.

    20. Myth: Sunscreens that are labeled or marketed as “reef-safe” are generally safer and won’t harm the environment.

    If you're like, "Well, now what? Which sunscreen should I actually buy?" here are some derm-approved sunscreens to help you decide:

    In addition to his other recs I've included throughout this post, Dr. Rossi thinks Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 30 and Skin Medica Total Defense Plus Repair Sunscreen are great broad spectrum sunscreens for your face and body.

    Dr. Nazarian recommends Walgreens Sunscreen Spot Lotion SPF 50, which is "an affordable and great option that is also oxybenzone-free!"

    And because we BuzzFeeders are avid sunscreen fans (obvs!), here are some of our tried-and-true recs:

    Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+ (review at #2)

    Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 (review at #2)

    Supergoop City Serum SPF 30+ (review at #2)

    Make P:rem Blue Ray Sun Gel (review at #8)

    Glossier Invisible Shield (review at #6)

    So, in conclusion...

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