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August 16, 2019

I’m Sorry If You Were Flying Friday, Because Computers Went Down At Airports Across The Country

Computer systems for customs went down nationwide, causing some huge lines.

Todrick Hall Says People Don’t Realize That Taylor Swift’s LGBT Support Is A Huge Deal

“She definitely does have fans who don’t agree with gay marriage, I’m sure,” Hall said.

Todrick Hall Said Demi Lovato Shouldn’t Discount His Experience With Scooter Braun

“You can’t compare your experience to someone else’s experience ever, I don’t think,” Hall said on BuzzFeed News’ AM to DM.

Frota entra no PSDB e diz que não vai pedir desculpas por ter xingado Alckmin no passado: "Não tenho de pedir desculpa para ninguém"

Alexandre Frota diz que não fica constrangido de estar no partido de Aécio: "Imagina! Eu estava em um partido que tinha o Queiroz, vou ficar constrangido?"

The Biggest Police Department In The US Has A Suicide Crisis. Another Department Thinks They Have An Answer.

“With nine suicides, what you’re seeing is a system that’s broken.”

A Senator Questioned Why Insurance Companies Are Paying Police To Investigate Their Customers

The concerns come after BuzzFeed News revealed that dozens of people were falsely accused of felonies based in part on evidence provided by their insurers.

22 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

From the violent clashes between protesters and police in Hong Kong to the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival, these are the most striking and memorable pictures from this past week.

The Trump Administration Asked The Supreme Court To Legalize Firing Workers Just For Being Transgender

A brief filed by the Justice Department says federal law offers no protection to transgender workers who endure discrimination because of their gender identity.

It's Hard To Notice, But Marketers Are Absolutely On TikTok

TikTok's viral, user-generated nature makes it easy to obscure what started as a paid campaign.

30 Cleaning Products With Review Photos That Might Finally Inspire You To Clean Up

Get some new cleaning products, throw on an ABBA album, and get ready to happily cruise around your house shining, buffing, and cleansing everything in sight.

Quem é você na série "Sintonia"?

Vamo pras ideia, parça...

I See New Sex Toys In Your Future: Bellesa Boutique Is Having A 20% Off Sale

Use the code BUZZFEED20 and use the money you saved to book a hotel for just you and your new toys. ;)

17 Things The Internet Couldn't Stop Talking About This Week

Drunk Taylor Swift, shady Miley Cyrus comments, a beautiful mango pit, and more.

22 Of The Best Vibrators You Can Get On Amazon

Only the best for you and yours.

Que quadro do Caldeirão do Huck seria perfeito para você participar?

Só pra quem fazia parte da comunidade do orkut "Assisto Luciano Huck escondido"

She Says Her Uber Driver Assaulted Her. The Company Allowed Him Back On The Road.

“They’re victimized first by the driver, and they’re victimized by the company afterward,” said a lawyer specializing in rideshare sex assault cases.

26 School Supplies That'll Help Get You Excited To Go Back To School

*Alice Cooper voice* ♫ Schooooool's back in ses-sion ♫

If You Agree With 31 Of These 37 "Hot Takes," You're Officially A Controversial Person

Are you one of those people who hates avocados, Christmas, and Game of Thrones?

15 Historias horribles de personas que cacharon a sus papás teniendo sexo

"Oí a mi papá decir: 'Oh, sí que está muy duro'".

¿Qué tan "chica VSCO" eres?

Solo la gente muy de élite forma parte de este grupo de personas.

17 Detallitos minúsculos que seguro no viste en "La Bella y la Bestia"

En serio, ¿por qué tiene tantas cosas en común con El mago de Oz?

Hazte 10 tatuajes y te diremos a qué década perteneces en realidad

¡La tinta sabe más de ti de lo que crees!

17 Comentarios de YouTube que son oro puro

Aceptémoslo, la sección de comentarios es lo que más vale la pena de YouTube.

The FCC Issued Fines After "Jimmy Kimmel" And "The Walking Dead" Aired Fake Emergency Alert Tones

Broadcasting emergency alert tones during nonemergencies and outside of proper testing is a “serious public safety concern,” according to the FCC.

Receitas com coco

Essas receitas têm duas coisas em comum: levam coco e são uma delícia.

28 Clever Storage Ideas For When You Think You're Completely Out Of Space

"I couldn't possibly fit any more...Oh wait, yep it fits."

The Trump Administration Lost The Fight Over The Census Citizenship Question. Now They Have To Pay The Challengers.

The administration already agreed to pay $2.7 million to the ACLU and others. It is now facing requests for as much as $12 million from challengers in Maryland.

Writers Are Sharing Their Most Overused Phrases And You've Definitely Seen These Before

What are book characters doing when they're not shrugging, hesitating, and raising their eyebrows?

Which Celebrity Couples Do You Constantly Forget Are Together?

I ALWAYS forget about Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen.

Solo un experto en comer sano puede pasar este quiz

Y si no comes sano, tal vez sea momento de empezar.

¿Puedes reconocer al personaje de 'Los Simpson' a partir de estas imágenes pixeladas?

Solo alguien que es REALMENTE fan va a sacar 10 de 10 en este quiz.

La historia amorosa completa de los Jonas Brothers

De Miley a Demi, Gigi y muchas, muchas otras.

19 Celebrity #TBT Photos That Celebs Shared With Us This Week

A very young Ariana Grande in the early '00s kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!

Here Are The 21 Biggest TV Moments This Week That You Might've Missed

The Handmaid's Tale Season 3 ended with an amazing episode!

Boris Johnson Will Meet With Angela Merkel And Emmanuel Macron Next Week To Discuss Brexit

The UK prime minister is scheduled to meet the leaders of the EU’s largest member states in Berlin and Paris.

15 Pics Of Celebrity Couples Being 2 Cute 4 Words

Could Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban BE any cuter?

10 alegrias que só quem anda de transporte público conhece

É VOCÊ que domina a cidade, não ela que te domina.

Bolsonaro está colocando a credibilidade da PF em risco, diz representante dos delegados

“Quando há uma indicação direta do presidente, haverá especulações sobre as investigações que ocorrerem no Estado em que ele fez a indicação”, disse delegado.

Você consegue descobrir qual dessas frutas não tem agrotóxicos?

A própria salada de frutas de Chernobyl!

¿Qué estereotipo millennial eres?

Son solo ocho preguntas... Perfecto para ustedes, millennials huevones

19 Asian Celebrity Instagram Moments We All Definitely Missed This Week

Including Lana Condor's movie announcement, Michelle Kwan's stretching routine, and a thirst trap by Christian Yu.

15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

"If anything...she's consistent."

Calls To Boycott The New "Mulan" After Its Star Spoke In Support Of Hong Kong Police

“Real ironic for a naturalized American citizen to shit on people fighting for freedom and democracy."

17 Funny And Cringey Tweets

We've all been there 😅

18 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

Here's what you might've missed.

36 Cleaning Products To Help You Say “Bye, Bye, Bye” To Grime And Messes

"I know that I can't take no more, it ain't no lie" —me to dust bunnies.



25 Jokes And Puns From National Tell A Joke Day That Might Make You Roll Your Eyes

"Mountains aren't just funny. They are hill areas." 🙄

The 17 Best And Funniest Tumblr Posts I Came Across This Week

"God creating humidity: 'What if sometimes, instead of rain, the air was just... wet?'"

All The Best Deals At Walmart Right Now

Deals on drill brush attachments, Cuisinart hand mixers, outdoor furniture, and more!

What Should You Have Actually Majored In?

Maybe you should've switched majors after all.

14 Cosas que tienes que saber antes de ver 'Historias de miedo para contar en la oscuridad'

Guillermo del Toro reveló oscuros secretos de su nueva producción.

Taylor Jenkins Reid's "Daisy Jones & The Six" Is BuzzFeed Book Club’s September Pick.

It's 1977 and the headstrong Daisy Jones is about to change the fortunes of the rock group "The Six" forever in this sneak peek.

The House Judiciary Committee Will Come Back To Washington Early To Work On Gun Control Legislation

The committee will mark up three gun control bills on Sept. 4. The full House is slated to return Sept. 9.

16 Grandmas Who Are Not Having Their Best Day

"TBT to when I mixed up the gas and brake pedals."

25 Easy Ways To Help Transform A Rental Apartment

Easy, landlord-approved items to refresh your home and get your security deposit back.

Estas fotos mostram a nova cara do punk rock

"Existia uma atitude no passado de que o rock não era 'negro'. Isso não é verdade."

Twitter Invested In A Social Network Accused Of Spreading Misinformation And Hate Speech

Earlier this year, ShareChat took steps to clean up the platform, including removing accounts and content that violate its community guidelines.

28 Things Under $30 To Make Your Dorm Bed Cozy

Including silk pillowcases to reduce breakouts and frizz, a spooky true crime book, and blackout curtains.

Rashida Tlaib Says She Won't Go To The West Bank "Under These Oppressive Conditions"

Israel decided to allow Tlaib in to see her grandmother if she didn't promote a boycott of Israel over its treatment of Palestinians during her trip, but Tlaib says she won't travel there.

Miley Cyrus Just Dropped "Slide Away" And Fans Think It's About Liam Hemsworth

"Move on, we're not 17 / I'm not who I used to be."

14 Fitnesscenter, die richtig eklige und miese Mitglieder haben

Zeit, ein paar Fitness-DVDs zu bestellen.

34 Ingenious Products To Keep Around The House

Buy them now and future you with thank you later — trust us.



Incoming: It's A Danish Territory, Michael. What Could It Cost, $10?

Insurance companies are paying cops to investigate their own customers, Trump's new immigration policy could make American children less healthy, and Trump reportedly wants to buy Greenland. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Aug. 16.



The Sydney Knife Attack Suspect Has Been Charged With Murder

Authorities allege Mert Ney killed 24-year-old Michaela Dunn inside an apartment in the CBD before attempting to stab others outside.

Which Disney Dude Are You Destined To Fall In Love With?

Your prince may be coming sooner than you think.

31 Cleaning Products To Use When You Move (And Want Your Deposit Back)

The place will look so good after using these, you just might want to stay in your apartment.



A Male Senior Editor Resigned From A National Newspaper After Allegedly Groping A Female Journalist In A Pub

Sunday Mirror staffers were told that deputy editor Nick Owens left the newspaper after an “incident” involving alcohol with a woman on the staff.

27 Useful Products To Help Fix Common Household Problems

I've got 99 household problems and these products help solve some of them.




高校生RAP選手権で注目を浴び、ヒップホップ界の新生として18歳でメジャーデビューしたちゃんみな。「はなからいらねえ共感 うざったい評判」「練馬のビヨンセ びくともしねえよ」と、強い自意識を歌ってきた彼女は20歳を迎え、新アルバム『Never Grow Up』をリリースした。未成年ではなくなった彼女は何を思い、歌うのか。

At What Age Will You Meet The Person You're Going To Marry?

🎶 "And I know you know that you're my soulmate and all that." 🎶



木村英子議員初の質問主意書に実質ゼロ回答 「厚労省で検討中」 就労・就学中の重度訪問介護をめぐって




19 Pairs of Running Shoes To Replace Any Worn-Out Ones

Sorry in advance, thoughts of shoes will be *running* through your head after reading this post.

あなたは孤独を愛せる人? #ぼっち耐性診断




Which Role Do You Instantly Think Of When You See These 17 Actors?

Jill Green, Elle Woods, or Madeline Mackenzie for Reese Witherspoon?

Do You Even Have The Most Basic Sports Knowledge?

When the batter hits it out of the park, it's a touchdown, right?

Spend Some Money At Whole Foods And We'll Tell You Which Jonas Wife You Are

Feel rich and find out which Jonas sister you are.

18 Facts About '90s Nickelodeon Cartoons That Might Surprise You

Fact: The voice of Tommy Pickles once recorded a session while in labour.

38 Things That Made Me Say, “Why Don’t I Own That Already?”

I don't wanna hear you say that buying these things ain't nothing but a mistake.

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