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    Ariana Grande Shared An Old Photo Of Her Ponytail And I'm Impressed By Her Commitment

    "if anything .... she’s consistent"

    Ariana Grande is known for her vocal range as much as she's known for her high ponytail. It is, as the kids say, ICONIC. ⚡️

    But some people have long debated the authenticity of the 'tail.

    every time we think ariana grande is about to get rid of that tired ass ponytail she doesn’t that’s called marketing

    @ArianaGrande stop wearing that ponytail. I understand your marketing but you're grown. You dont have 2 wear that ponytail to look innocent!

    And while some fans, and people she worked closely with*, may think the ponytail is all just part of her carefully culled celeb image, in a photo posted to her Instagram, Ariana proved that she's actually been rocking the look since she was a wee tween. 😱

    As someone who's finding it harder and harder to navigate this bleak and superficial news cycle, I personally find this photo to be a little ray of truth sunshine.

    If you want additional receipts, look at lil' Ari rockin' the ponytail in 2014.

    And here she is in 2010.

    Here's Ari in 1993.

    We love an authentic queen!!