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Democrats In Congress Are Throwing Cold Water On Calls To Impeach Brett Kavanaugh

Congressional Democrats are planning to grill the FBI over its investigation into the sexual misconduct allegations against the Supreme Court justice, but are not moving toward impeachment.

Paul McLeod • 21 hours ago

The House Judiciary Committee Passed Rules For Its Trump Impeachment Investigation

The House Judiciary Committee voted Thursday on new rules as it pushes ahead with its investigation into President Trump.

Kadia Goba • 5 days ago

A Top House Democrat Said The House Isn’t In An Impeachment Investigation, Even As The Investigation’s Head Says It Is

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer later cleared up his remarks, but the confusion highlights Democrats’ mixed messaging on impeachment.

Kadia Goba • 6 days ago

House Democrats Push Major Gun Control Bills Forward Following The Mass Shootings In El Paso And Dayton

The House Judiciary Committee passed bills Tuesday night to expand background checks for gun sales and prevent those who are a danger to themselves and others from buying guns.

Kadia Goba • 6 days ago

The House Judiciary Committee Will Come Back To Washington Early To Work On Gun Control Legislation

The committee will mark up three gun control bills on Sept. 4. The full House is slated to return Sept. 9.

Kadia Goba • One month ago

This Republican Was Attacked For Pushing Gun Control Legislation. He Doesn’t Think His Party Can Pass Even Commonsense Laws.

Former Rep. Scott Rigell was shocked his fellow Republicans wouldn’t agree to keep guns away from criminals after the Sandy Hook shooting. He doesn’t think anything has changed.

Kadia Goba • One month ago

So Many People Were Shot In Chicago This Weekend, A Hospital Had To Briefly Stop Taking Patients

Chicago had two mass shootings within hours of each other on Sunday. In total, 46 people were injured by gun violence in the city over the weekend.

Kadia Goba • One month ago

The Parents Of A Student Killed In Parkland Were Near El Paso When The Shooting Broke Out

Joaquin Oliver, who died in the school shooting, was an immigration advocate. His death to gun violence makes his father feel like their “family was separated in a permanent way.”

Kadia Goba • One month ago

Cory Booker Says Donald Trump "Is Responsible" For The El Paso Shooting

Booker and Beto O'Rourke both cited the president's rhetoric and stoking of racial division in the wake of the shooting.

Kadia Goba • One month ago

John Hickenlooper Says He’s “Never Been A Great Debater” And Explains His “Wave” Moment With Bernie Sanders

“All of a sudden ... it looks like we’re cheerleaders doing the wave.”

Kadia Goba • One month ago

The Trump Administration Is Bringing Back Federal Executions. It Will Immediately End Up In Court.

The Justice Department announced a new single-drug lethal injection protocol and set execution dates for five men convicted of murder.

Zoe Tillman • One month ago

Robert Mueller Tells America "No," He Did Not Totally Exonerate The President

Former special counsel Robert Mueller warned that the Russians are attempting to get involved in the American elections saying, "they’re doing it as we sit here."

Tasneem Nashrulla • One month ago

The House Voted To Condemn The Boycott Israel Movement Over Protests From Reps. Ilhan Omar And Rashida Tlaib

The measure to formally condemn the BDS movement passed the House overwhelmingly Tuesday night. "Dissent is how we nurture democracy," Tlaib said.

Kadia Goba • One month ago

Congress Has Voted To Make The Fund For For 9/11 First Responders And Victims Last Another 70 Years

Eighteen years after the deadliest attack on American soil, Congress has given life to a fund that aids 9/11 survivors and first responders.

Kadia Goba • One month ago

Rep. Ilhan Omar Was Asked To Condemn Female Genital Mutilation — Again. She Was Not Happy.

Omar said she was "disgusted” that she keeps getting asked questions that wouldn't be asked of non-Muslim politicians.

Kadia Goba • One month ago

Democrats Are Worried About Ilhan Omar’s Safety After Trump Supporters Chanted “Send Her Back”

As Trump distanced himself from the chant Thursday, Democrats said they’re working to protect Omar and other members of Congress.

Paul McLeod • 2 months ago

Sen. Chuck Schumer Says He Supports Reparations Legislation

The Senate minority leader announced Tuesday he'll support a bill to study reparations for the descendants of slaves, saying, "Racism is the poison of America."

Kadia Goba • 2 months ago

A New Bill Would Provide Free Legal Representation For Asylum-Seekers Who Need It

As President Donald Trump tightens immigration policies, Democrats are pushing legislation to protect people seeking asylum.

Kadia Goba • 2 months ago

A Member Of Congress Wants Increased Food And Drink Standards In The Dominican Republic After American Tourists Died There

Rep. Adriano Espaillat made several safety recommendations, but encouraged Americans to continue to visit the Dominican Republic after meeting with local and US officials there.

Kadia Goba • 2 months ago

Jeffrey Epstein Donated Thousands To Chuck Schumer. Schumer Says He'll Donate That Amount Of Money.

Epstein, the billionaire former hedge fund manager charged with sex trafficking earlier this week, made political donations to both Democrats and Republicans in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Kadia Goba • 2 months ago