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Democrats Are Worried About Ilhan Omar's Safety After Trump Supporters Chanted "Send Her Back"

As Trump distanced himself from the chant Thursday, Democrats said they're working to protect Omar and other members of Congress.

Paul McLeod • 12 minutes ago

Sen. Chuck Schumer Says He Supports Reparations Legislation

The Senate minority leader announced Tuesday he'll support a bill to study reparations for the descendants of slaves, saying, "Racism is the poison of America."

Kadia Goba • 2 days ago

A New Bill Would Provide Free Legal Representation For Asylum-Seekers Who Need It

As President Donald Trump tightens immigration policies, Democrats are pushing legislation to protect people seeking asylum.

Kadia Goba • 2 days ago

A Member Of Congress Wants Increased Food And Drink Standards In The Dominican Republic After American Tourists Died There

Rep. Adriano Espaillat made several safety recommendations, but encouraged Americans to continue to visit the Dominican Republic after meeting with local and US officials there.

Kadia Goba • 5 days ago

Jeffrey Epstein Donated Thousands To Chuck Schumer. Schumer Says He'll Donate That Amount Of Money.

Epstein, the billionaire former hedge fund manager charged with sex trafficking earlier this week, made political donations to both Democrats and Republicans in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Kadia Goba • 7 days ago

Mitch McConnell Said Labor Secretary Alex Acosta’s Fate Is Up To Trump After The Jeffrey Epstein Revelations

Democrats are calling for Acosta to step down behind his “sweetheart” deal in the Jeffrey Epstein case more than a decade ago.

Kadia Goba • 8 days ago

Rep. Matt Gaetz Is Facing An Ethics Investigation For Sending A Cryptic Threat To Michael Cohen

Gaetz, a die-hard supporter of President Donald Trump, sent an explosive tweet attacking Michael Cohen as he testified in the Russia investigations.

Kadia Goba • 19 days ago

Bill De Blasio…Actually Maybe Knows What He’s Doing

Bill de Blasio wanted to run for president to move politics to the left — he did that Wednesday night.

Addy Baird • 21 days ago

After A Major Win Tuesday Night, Progressives Are Looking At Ousting Another Establishment Democrat In New York

After another big progressive win in Queens Tuesday night, major activists on the left are hoping to topple another longtime Democrat in the area: Rep. Gregory Meeks.

Kadia Goba • 21 days ago

Roy Moore, Who Was Accused Of Child Molestation, Is Running For Senate Again

Moore lost a special election for the US Senate in 2017 after multiple women accused him of sexual misconduct, including some who were teenagers at the time.

Kadia Goba • 27 days ago

Hope Hicks Refused To Talk About Her Time At The White House During A Judiciary Committee Hearing

It’s unclear if the committee will vote to hold Hicks in contempt.

Kadia Goba • 28 days ago

Mitch McConnell Says He Doesn’t Support Reparations: “We’ve Elected An African American President”

McConnell said he doesn't support reparations because "none of us currently living are responsible." He also noted passage of the Civil Rights Act.

Kadia Goba • 29 days ago