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Paul McLeod 4 days ago

Just Two House Democrats Opposed Formalizing The Impeachment Inquiry Against Trump

President Donald Trump and his Republican allies have argued for weeks that the impeachment investigation wasn’t valid unless the House voted.

Addy Baird 11 days ago

Republicans Have No Problem With The White House Leaving Information Out Of The Transcript Of Trump's Call With Ukraine

Republicans don’t seem to care that the transcript of Trump’s call with Ukraine omitted some details, with one member calling it a “nothingburger.”

Kadia Goba 12 days ago

Rep. Katie Hill Will Resign After Details Of Her Sex Life Were Published

Hill said her supporters should "no longer be subjected to the pain inflicted by my abusive husband and the brutality of political operatives."

Kate Nocera 15 days ago

The Woman In The Blue Dress In This Incredible Photo Actually Works For One Of Trump’s Biggest Supporters

“At least I look OK,” Charli Huddleston, a staffer for Rep. Jim Jordan, told BuzzFeed News after the photo went viral on #Resistance Twitter.

Kadia Goba 19 days ago

Vice President Mike Pence’s Big Brother Is Sitting In On Congress’s Closed-Door Impeachment Depositions

Republican Rep. Greg Pence, the vice president’s older brother, was elected to Congress last year and serves on one of the committees in charge of the impeachment inquiry.

Kadia Goba 19 days ago

The Group That Helped Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Will Endorse A New Slate Of Progressives Running For Congress

“We need more folks who haven’t been cultivated and placed by the traditional party system,” Brand New Congress said.

Kadia Goba 21 days ago

A New ICE Training Facility Is Being Modeled After US Cities. Members Of Congress Who Represent Those Areas Are Livid.

“This decision is nothing short of a declaration of war on our neighborhoods,” Rep. Jesús García said of the project.

Kadia Goba One month ago

One Of The Last Anti-Impeachment Democrats Now Says He Supports The Inquiry

New York Rep. Max Rose wrote an op-ed just last month warning that impeaching President Trump could tear the country apart.

Kadia Goba One month ago

Two Top Democrats Have Already “Botched” Impeachment, Their Primary Challengers Say

“He’s basically avoided doing everything he can to hold this president accountable."

Kadia Goba One month ago

Maxine Waters Says Mike Pence And The Attorney General Were Involved In The Ukraine “Conspiracy”

“They’re all involved,” Waters told BuzzFeed News’ AM to DM on Friday.

Sarah Mimms One month ago

Republicans Say The Real Problem Is That Trump’s Conversation With The Ukrainian President Leaked

“I don’t know how the hell he can be president under these conditions, it’s just incredible,” Sen. Lindsey Graham said.

Paul McLeod One month ago

A Whistleblower Has Alleged Trump "Abused His Office For Personal Gain" — And That The White House Tried To Cover It Up

The complaint’s release comes after the White House put out a non-verbatim transcript of Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president in which Trump wanted dirt dug up on Joe Biden ahead of the 2020 election.

Sarah Mimms One month ago

“It Has Taken Longer Than I Would Have Hoped”: Tom Steyer Is Thrilled The House Is Finally On Board With Impeachment

The Democratic presidential candidate spent millions on his "Need to Impeach" campaign after founding it in 2017.

Kadia Goba One month ago

A Man Has Been Arrested After Another Transgender Woman Was Shot In Dallas

The victim told police the shooter yelled slurs at her before opening fire.

Kadia Goba One month ago

The House Held A Historic Hearing On Making Washington, DC, The 51st State

The DC statehood bill has unprecedented support in the House, but not a single Republican supports the plan.

Kadia Goba One month ago

This Queer Veteran Is Running For Congress In California

Janessa Goldbeck, who retired as a Marine captain just six weeks ago, said she supports the Second Amendment but wants to keep military-style weapons out of civilian hands.

Kadia Goba One month ago

A Former Obama Campaign Staffer Is Launching A Rematch Against Democratic Rep. Carolyn Maloney

“Simply holding a job doesn’t entitle you to keep it. You’ve got to deliver,” Suraj Patel says in his first ad of the 2020 campaign.

Kadia Goba One month ago

Democrats In Congress Are Throwing Cold Water On Calls To Impeach Brett Kavanaugh

Congressional Democrats are planning to grill the FBI over its investigation into the sexual misconduct allegations against the Supreme Court justice, but are not moving toward impeachment.

Paul McLeod One month ago

The House Judiciary Committee Passed Rules For Its Trump Impeachment Investigation

The House Judiciary Committee voted Thursday on new rules as it pushes ahead with its investigation into President Trump.

Kadia Goba 2 months ago