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    19 Asian Celebrity Instagram Moments We All Definitely Missed This Week

    Including Lana Condor's movie announcement, Michelle Kwan's stretching routine, and a thirst trap by Christian Yu.

    1. Padma Lakshmi showed us how the hair flip is really done.

    2. Lana Condor announced the third (!) installment of To All The Boys I've Ever Loved.

    3. Michelle Kwan reminded us she's still killing it, 15 years later.

    4. Eva Chen brought back her classic short hair...

    5. ...while Minori Nakada somehow made her roots look totally fashun?

    6. Christian Yu made us feel things.

    7. Gia Gunn made us reconsider our skincare routines.

    8. Chrissy Teigen hashtagged #tinybootyclub.

    9. Henry Golding made us wish it were Christmas already.

    10. Mindy Kaling looked absolutely stunning in red.

    11. Daniel Dae Kim made us fall in love with Shiba Inus.

    12. Lucy Liu celebrated the premiere of Why Women Kill.

    13. Shay Mitchell snapped a photo of an ancient Los Angeles tradition.

    14. Lauren Tsai shared an eyeliner slay.

    15. Lalisa Manoban inspired us to take blurry photos of ourselves.

    16. Deepika Padukone posed in Porter.

    17. The Shibutani siblings made us drool with this photo of one of their favorite dishes: kimchi fried rice...

    18. ...while Kim Chi herself shared this iconic cotton candy lewk.

    19. And finally, Maria Qamar showed us how we should pose for all our pictures this weekend.