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    Aug 16, 2019

    14 Cat Posts From This Week That'll Make You Smile So Big

    Sleepy. Kitties!!!

    Hannah Wong / BuzzFeed

    1. This one was simply TOO. SMOL!!!

    u/Silky1taps / Via

    2. These two spread the love:

    u/GunderM / Via

    3. This working cat went on quite the journey!!

    Twitter: @isabelzawtun / Via Twitter: @isabelzawtun

    4. These two shared some sleepy, sleepy cuddles:

    5. This floof was spooked!!

    u/211av8r / Via

    6. He gave a lil' wave!!!

    7. They scurried!!!

    Your daily dose of antidepressant

    8. This old man had a ~delicious~ b-day:

    This cat celebrating his 20th birthday

    Twitter: @41Strange / Via Twitter: @41Strange

    9. This kitters was very generous and polite:

    There are animals ( cat and dog, in this case ) with more empathy than certain humans !! 👇🏼 ( imgur )

    10. This baby found a sweet spot for a nap:

    11. Tbh, this kitty got VERY creative!!

    My cat takes playtime into his own paws

    12. Suki here had a lovely time at the pet store:

    u/slicknickers1 / Via

    13. This bb was just a tiiiiiiiny bit dramatic:

    When my cat realized there was no purpose to life if she couldn’t lick butt

    14. And finally, this sweetie was purrfectly graceful in every way:

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