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15 Funny Things That Happened This Week That Prove The Internet Is A Very Funny Place

"And I oop!" — VSCO girls everywhere.

1. This breakfast was, like, slightly unsettling:

u/batusoydeger / Via

2. This lil' guy looked GREAT:

u/AkiNoSky / Via

3. This woman tried kombucha for the first time and it was absolutely iconic:

4. VSCO girls took over the internet and I oop:

no one: absolutely not a soul: vsco girls:

5. Giraffe Man™ left us with more questions than answers:

followed this man in traffic for a very long time & got none of the answers i wanted

6. This guy got the whole plane to himself???

Last week @Delta gave me my own private jet...kind of.

7. This wife made her husband a pretty bangin' playlist:

8. The fish WHOOSHED through the fish tube!!!

I am CRYING laughing at this like imagine being a fish and minding your own business but humans fucked up the world so bad that their version of helping you is launching you through a giant silly straw

9. This guy was asked an...unexpected question:

A guy on Grindr last night asked me if I had nice feet and I said idk cus I’ve never been asked before but then I was feeling brave so I sent a picture and he said “they’re okay”

10. Siri had such a way with words:

u/Nitishboult / Via

11. This sloth was downright TERRIFYING:

God knew not to make this thing fast

12. This thief grabbed a snack:

u/SuperPixel / Via

13. We were ALL swindled because Harry Styles won't be playing Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid:

who the Fuck lied about harry styles being prince eric i just told every bitch i know about it. i am HUMILIATED

14. These lemurs shared a spooky meal:

i really thought this was a new spider from australia

15. And finally, dinnertime got a little ~musical~:

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