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    A Complete Recap Of All The Abbie/Monique Drama On "The Bachelor Australia"

    It all started with two words: Dog c**t.

    If you've been watching The Bachelor Australia, you'll know that so far it's been a glorious shitshow full of juicy drama.

    The focus this week has been the whole Abbie/Monique scandal, which resulted in Monique getting the boot pre-rose ceremony last night.

    Now if you're a ~casual watcher~ that froths at the drama but can't be bothered to keep up with Bachie, here's a recap of EVERYTHING that contributed to this magnificent soap opera.

    The tea started brewing last week when Abbie turned up the heat in the mansion during two key points: The infamous photoshoot group date and at the following cocktail party.

    A modern day fairytale #TheBachelorAU

    To make a long story short, there were lots of ~meaningful sexual looks~ and a sneaky make-out sesh between Abbie and Matt at the cocktail party, which angered some (read: Monique) of the other girls.

    Fast forward to Wednesday and Abbie is given a single date card. While she's getting her pash on with Matt, Abbie tells him that she's overheard Monique calling him a "disrespectful pig" and a "dog cunt".

    Matt is NOT happy and goes on a rampage during that night's cocktail party to get the truth. Basically, it's a lot of "she said this" and "I didn't say this" until some of the other girls step in and confirm Abbie's story.

    Surprisingly, Monique is given a second chance at the rose ceremony because Matt has a soft spot for her. But this quickly changes on Thursday night when he confronts Monique about her "flowery language".

    Monique is struck by a sudden case of ~amnesia~ and can neither confirm nor deny the allegations, which gives our poor, fed-up Bachie no choice but to boot her off once and for all and end this dog cunt drama.

    Since this was one of the most delicious pieces of drama Bachelor fans have had all season, there were obviously some hilarious reactions.

    when she calls you a dogcunt but she’s also really hot #TheBachelorAU

    “Dad, how did I get my name?” “Well, Dog C**t, the year was 2019 and tension in #TheBachelorAU house was high...”

    Abbie’s performance when osher reveals Monique is leaving the mansion #TheBachelorAU

    #TheBachelorAU me: shocked my devious plan worked perfectly

    Matt: upset about being called a cunt. The rest of Australia: #TheBachelorAU

    Next week, Osher hands the girls a card It’s from Monique Rachel reads it out ‘YOU’RE ALL D** C***S’ #TheBachelorAU

    Until next week's drama, Bachie fans.