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    Cinnamon Coke Is Coming Soon, And My Taste Buds Are Ready

    How festive!

    This summer has been hot as balls (in fact, July was the hottest month on record, FYI), so if you're like me, you've been treating yourself to an ice-cold Coca-Cola pretty frequently.

    But you might start thinking of Coke as more of a winter drink soon: BuzzFeed has confirmed that Coca-Cola is bringing cinnamon-flavored Coke to the US this fall!

    Cinnamon Coke was previously available as a flavor variant of Coke Zero, and was only available in the UK for a limited time last winter.

    Traditionally, cola flavoring is a balance between citrus flavors (lemon, orange, etc.) and spice flavors (vanilla and — you guessed it — cinnamon), so amping up the spice side of the drink just kinda makes sense.

    Coca-Cola told BuzzFeed that there would be a limited-edition Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry flavor for the holiday season as well.

    Both Cinnamon Coca-Cola and Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry will hit US shelves on Sept. 30 and will be available through the end of 2019, or while supplies last.